I finally went back to the gym yesterday for the first time post-competition. I knew I needed the break but at the same time ugh I was feeling really sluggish & out of shape. Not only from not going to the gym, but also because last week, as I was off work, I wasn’t walking my usual ~2 miles per day – I guess that walk makes more difference than I realise.

So I had Pilates yesterday afternoon at Urban Kings and in the evening I headed to BGWLC for a bit of gym “playtime”. I had hoped to do some significant squats but I feel as weak as a kitten post-competition. Funny how that always seems to happen – I never get very sore post-comp but I always spend the next week or two feeling wrung-out. Anyhow, I did 5 sets of 3 squats @ 60kg, and a whole load of sumo deadlift tekkers with 60kg. Then a bunch of 20sec dumbbell holds with 25kg dumbbells to work on my stupid f’ing grip!!

I’ve spent the last couple of days as grumpy as hell but I feel much calmer today – probably because I’ve been training again! Still, I have that creeping ~dissatisfaction~ with my life again (mostly with my job/career) and I feel I ought to, you know, do something about it rather than just whinge. What I can/will actually do about it remains to be seen, though. Watch this space, maybe.