August goals

I managed to more-or-less forget about my July goals until yesterday, which isn’t….great. Still, I ought to review them, and make some more for August. Perhaps I won’t forget these.

July goals

Eat more protein! Hmm, not great. I’m trying, I swear, but I often don’t have the capacity left to force a protein shake down at the end of the day. Plus I often manage to forget to bring my protein shaker, protein powder, or both to work. Doh.

Go to a holistic class at Urban Kings at least once a week, if not two. Win, with the exception of the week before my competition (when I don’t usually work out at all anyhow).

Go to that Tuesday kettlebells class. Total fail. I think I forgot just how few Tuesdays there are in a month. I’ll call this one a lost cause & try to go to a different conditioning class instead.

Try to be kinder to my humungous belly. Eh, sort of.

Compete on July 26th. Yep.

August goals

Protein. Plus ça change.

Get down to 73kg by the end of the month.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Work on my grip every damn (training) day. I might actually try out a new hand configuration on deadlifts too.

Go to bed earlier. I keep finding I’m all scrungy in the mornings, and it’s usually because I went to sleep post-11pm. Yeah, I know, that’s not very late. I think I just need a ton more sleep now I’m old.

Monday: squats at BGWLC

There was no power at the gym last night (block-wide powercut) so I had to train as quickly as possible before the sun went down. Fun times!

  • Squats: worked up to 6 @ 55kg, 6 @ 65kg, 6 @ 75kg
  • Sumo deadlifts standing on 2 mats: 60kg, 6 sets of 2
  • Dumbbell shrugs: 20kg, 3 sets of 10
  • Glute & ham raises, cable crunch, pullthroughs (superset): 3 sets of 10 each

2 thoughts on “August goals

  1. Jennifer (@winetoweights)

    How much protein do you aim for in a day? I find on workout days, I am usually exceeding what I am supposed to eat, but struggle on non-workout days to fit it in.

    And.. going to bed earlier is hard, but as an old-person myself (or maybe just over-trained), I find if I take an epsom salt bath at 10:00 (no questions asked, just have to be in the bath at this time), I am primed for bed at 10:30. No electronics, just bedtime. It’s been nice!

    1. lozette Post author

      I don’t know really, I’m never sure if you’re supposed to aim for 1g per lb of bodyweight, or 1g per lb of lean bodyweight. I guess if it’s the former than 170g or so. I have no idea how much I actually get, because I don’t track. I just feel I ought to get more.

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