Video – Thomas Celestin 300kg deadlift

On Sunday I’m driving a couple of guys from Bethnal Green WLC up to the All-England Championships in Northampton. 3 of our guys will be competing – Thomas, Reece & Lou. Here’s Thomas in training, with a 300kg (661.5lbs) beltless deadlift. He previously held the GBPF British -105kg deadlift record (315kg) and I think he’s hoping to make an attempt to get the record back on Sunday!

Yeah, I train with some pretty excellent people.

(That’s me sitting in the background, with my rather pathetic-in-comparison 60kg squats!)


One thought on “Video – Thomas Celestin 300kg deadlift

  1. Vix

    Good luck to the guys! Such impressive stuff and I hope Thomas does it on the day…. fingers crossed!
    I need to get back to BG as soon as my back’s actually healed – they’re quietly inspirational. Though don’t tell the chaps, they’ll get big heads šŸ˜‰

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