Mega round-up

I ended up working out SIX TIMES last week, and flippin’ heck I can feel it today. I had an epic busy week, though, and while I’m suffering for it now (after a night of not-much sleep) it was good fun.

My personal record-breaking six workouts were 3 lifting, 2 Pilates & one conditioning. I realise many people might regard Pilates as not actually working out/”active recovery”, but the Pilates class I go to is tough (I guess it’s Pilates as programmed for an MMA gym…)

It looks like the last workouts I wrote up were Monday & Tuesday, so…

Two-workout Thursday – Pilates, then bench at BGWLC

  • Narrow-grip bench press: worked up to 5 sets of 4 @ 42.5kg
  • Dumbbell floor press: 3 sets of 10 @ 15kg
  • Seated barbell shoulder press: 2 sets of 8 @ 25kg
  • Machine rows: 20kg each hand, 4 sets of 7
  • Situps, kickbacks, plate pinches

Friday: conditioning

Saturday: ALL the legs & back at BGWLC

  • Rack pull (2 pins from the floor): worked up to 105kg x 2; 110kg, 3 sets of 2; 120kg, 2 sets of 3 with straps; 100kg, 7 rep drop set

So… as I mentioned before, I’ve been doing all sorts of things to improve my grip. For starters, on these rack pulls (the ones without straps, anyhow) I switched my grip around – normally I go left hand over, right hand under; I switched to right hand over, left hand under. It felt…. OK. Not as secure as before, but that’s to be expected at first, I guess. The advantage of doing this, I hope, is that I can put my right hand into a hook grip. Whether or not I can deadlift >100kg from the floor without dislocating my right thumb is another matter.

As for the straps: we decided to see how much I could pull if I took my grip out of the equation. I’ve never used straps before and they were horrible. It felt like all the weight was hanging off my wrists (which I guess it was) and the fatness of the bar + strap meant I couldn’t grab very well. Still, getting >1 rep at 120kg was nice.

  • Squats: worked up to 3 sets of 5 @ 70kg
  • Dimel deadlifts: 40kg, 10 reps, then 2 sets of 20 reps
  • Hypers, band curls, stretching etc

Sunday – the All-England Championships at Moulton College!

I finished my weekend off y getting up at 6.15am on Sunday to drive 3 guys from BGWLC to the All-England at Moulton College. I wanted to go because Moulton College is a really nice venue, plus I haven’t got bored of driving yet (having only got my first car back in December) and fancied the drive up there. I drove two competing lifters, plus one guy who also wanted to spectate.

4 powerlifters in a Fiat Panda

Ever seen 4 powerlifters (390kg total) in a Fiat Panda? Well you have now. For our American readers, a Fiat Panda is a small car by UK standards. By American standards, it’s probably a mini-micro-nano-oh-my-god-is-that-a-real-car?! car 😉

The competition was great (super-efficient as always from The Farm powerlifting club) and BGWLC’s lifters took 2nd place in each of their categories. One of them, Reece, was originally placed third but was upgraded to 2nd after it turned out the second-placed lifter was lifting as a guest.

Victorious lifters!

I got home at about 6.30pm last night & was thoroughly wired after an awesome day, hence I haven’t slept much and feel like crap today. I feel sore all over from Saturday’s lifting & Sunday’s driving. Good thing I have heavy squats tonight, eh?! 😦


2 thoughts on “Mega round-up

  1. G

    That’s quite a week! And from what I understand, Pilates is very much an ass-kicker. (I’ve been meaning to get to a class, but they’re at 7am at my gym and … heck no.) Don’t forget to get some rest in!

    We don’t have Fiat Pandas in the US but we do have Fiat 500s, which are similar? And most Americans consider the 500s too small and probably unsafe to drive, and certainly unfit for anything besides small children in the backseat. It must’ve been cozy in your Panda!

    1. lozette Post author

      Yes, my car is pretty similar to a Fiat 500! Maybe a bit larger on the outside.. but definitely cosy with all those guys in it 😉

      You’re right about rest – I’m thinking I might put off today’s workout to tomorrow, because I’m pretty sore from all that driving (and rack pulls!)

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