Well yesterday turned into a bit of a crap mental health day. I should know better by now to worry about my weight on social media, as it brings out a lot of well-meaning people who I react snippily to, which in turn makes me feel guilty, which in turn makes me feel more & more conflicted about being fat & fit etc etc.

(I doubt I’ll learn my lesson, though – I never do!)

I’ve just returned from Pilates at Urban Kings so I’m feeling a little more Zen now. Karmen kicks my butt every time and it feels awesome! I have bench tonight, which I’m looking forward to (can I get 45kg narrow-grip bench for multiple reps? I guess I will wait & see).

Since I’m all Zen now, the rants I had brewing in my head about food, weight & fitness have all mostly dissipated. I have thoughts, though, on the following:

– “Why be skinny when you can be strong?” and similar catchphrases really do mean bugger-all when you’ve never been skinny or wanted to be skinny.

– I’m getting increasingly annoyed at health & fitness bloggers who scoff at peoples’ “unhealthy” lifestyles without acknowledging their own privilege.

For example – think that healthcare assistant/junior nurse shouldn’t be fat/”unhealthy” to your eyes? Have you thought about how HCAs, junior nurses, porters and other frontline healthcare staff don’t make a living wage (at least in London, probably elsewhere)? Why not, instead of suggesting they shop at the farmer’s market or do endless food prep, think about how you can support campaigns for better wages & conditions for these people?

Oh well, maybe I will do an ~extended rant~ on these another time.

I tell you what else has made me feel better today: excellent blog posts by G at Running While Fat on the old “calories in/calories out” fallacy (and other things) and Bethany at Arched Eyebrow on not letting being fat hold you back in life. Go read them!!

I’m also super-grateful for having an amazing boyfriend who had a “solidarity dinner” with me last night. He has no reason at all to forego things like potatoes or bread or pasta etc (he’s already perfect) but he skipped his favourite mini roast potatoes last night to have EXTRA VEG with dinner like I was. Luckily for him, the meal filled him up (I went to bed kinda hungry).


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  1. Martha B

    It really boils down to… You will never be perfect in everyone’s eyes. Even if you feel great, or think you look great, there will be someone waiting to cut you down. People are inherently ugly. It makes them feel good to point out others flaws. You just keep doing your thing. Keep loving you. Keep moving forward. You are awesome any way you are!

    1. lozette Post author

      To be fair, no-one’s been pointing out my flaws; ppl offering diet advice were only bring helpful! I just struggle a lot with the mentality of making weight.

      Thanks for the comment though (sorry, I always feel like I’m coming off snippy on these posts!!) 🙂

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