All the squats, and a video

Oof this week’s training has been hard, and it’s not over yet! I’m off bouldering for the first time tomorrow in an indoor climbing centre, which should be….interesting? If nothing else, it’ll help with my grip!

This week I have squatted 80kg for 3 sets of 5, twice – first on Tuesday & then again today. Owwww my poor legs! I wasn’t even sure if I’d manage it, given that I went to conditioning yesterday, plus the fact that I’m not eating as much as I usually do (*cry*). But I did it…. it didn’t feel as easy as Tuesday, and the last one in each set was a grinder, but still!

I also did some lightened deadlifts, with the bar suspended from blue bands on the top of a power cage. The intention being that the bar would be easier to pull off the floor, but be full weight at the top of the lift. I managed to work up to 130kg for 3 singles, holding each at the top for several seconds. Go go gadget grip!!

Today Big Dave from BGWLC posted this amazing video on Facebook of the BGWLC lifters at the London Championships on July 26th. I’m featured at 1:40 with my 95kg squat (second attempt), but you should watch the whole thing because it’s seriously awesome. Dave has skillz!


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