3 weeks to go

So as of yesterday the British is in THREE WEEKS oh my fricking god. The entry list isn’t out yet but I presume that since I sent my entry off in time, I’m entered.

I remember this time last year when I was basically freaking out, and I had three sessions with a sports psychologist just to reassure myself that I had the right to be there. This year I feel a bit more relaxed about it; I guess it helps that it’s being held at my “home” club, plus of course I’ve done it before and I know the British isn’t the big scary thing I’d built up in my head.

Yesterday at BGWLC we had a really busy session – at least 3 weightlifters I didn’t recognise & one new powerlifter. This makes me happy, as the more bodies we get through the door, the more likely it is that the gym will survive.

Today I’ve done nothing movement-wise except my usual couple of miles of walking, namely to go to Canary Wharf. My boyfriend went climbing again this morning (I declined to go this time!) so I met him & our mutual friend for lunch afterwards in Wahaca. Lovely lovely tacos!

Saturday: deadlifts at BGWLC

More lightened deadlifts with reverse bands (blue bands). I’m enjoying these because I really feel they help my grip. At the top of the lift I don’t think I’m getting quite 100% of the bar weight, but it can’t be too far off.

  • Good mornings with an empty bar to warm up
  • Lightened deadlifts: worked up to 2 @ 130kg, 1 @ 135kg, 2 x 2 @ 135kg, 2 @ 130kg, finally 100kg for 14 reps (*vomit*)
  • Dimel deadlifts: 40kg, 20 reps x 2
  • Single-arm dumbbell row: 15kg 2 sets of 7; 20kg 1 set of 7
  • Glute & ham raises with 5kg plate: 10 reps x 5
  • Cable crunch: 30kg, 10 reps x 5

As for my weight? Ah, I knew I couldn’t get away without mentioning it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well I was 73.1kg when I first stepped on the scale. Then I went for a strategic wee & was 72.9kg. Awww yisssss.

Today I’m sure I weigh more – I celebrated last night with a bottle of dry cider and 10 squares of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk ๐Ÿ™‚