August goals roundup, and some new shoes

I have completely neglected to mention that since it’s now September (HTF did that happen?!) I can look back at my August goals. And I think I did OK!


I’ve been managing around 100g a day (assuming that my tracking with MyPlate is fairly accurate) which isn’t too bad. I’ve actually managed to make it to 150g a couple of times, by basically eating protein until I couldn’t face any more. Fun times.

Get down to 73kg by the end of the month.

Well, I was 72.9kg at my weigh-in one 30th August, so yay? I suspect I may have larded up a bit since then, thanks to some Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, and a discounted Eton Mess from Waitrose.

Work on my grip every damn (training) day.

Eeeeh, sorta. I’ve switched my grip from right-under-left-over to left-under-right-over and it seems to be making a difference (at least on rack pulls & lightened deadlifts). I’ve tried to do some grip stuff every time I train, even if it’s just heavy dumbbell shrugs or side bends. I guess the proof will be in how well I do on the 20th.

Go to bed earlier.

Again, sorta. I’m always asleep by midnight, if not 11.30pm (I wake up at 6.45am). I don’t feel too tired day-to-day, which is good.

In other news, I ordered & received a pair of Adidas Powerlift2.0 shoes. I’ve been umming & aahing over buying sports-specific shoes for ages, thinking that since I squat super-duper wide, weightlifting shoes wouldn’t be any use to me. But loads of people at the gym have this particular shoe, and I borrowed a pair on my size from another lifter to try out. I’m not 100% totally convinced they will work for me, but I’d just got paid so why not?

Adidas Powerlift2.0 shoes

Adidas Powerlift2.0 shoes

I haven’t squatted in my own pair yet (I only got them yesterday & I’m not due to squat until Saturday) but my try-out session with a borrowed pair of 5 sets of 3 @ 80kg felt fine – not particularly different but fine. I’m a bit bummed that the ladies’ ones only come in one colourway, as the men’s have 4 options and they’re much funkier (my feet are too small to wear men’s shoes) but never mind. I will have to nametag mine as they’re going to be the 3rd regular pair of these in the gym!

Yesterday I had a massage to relieve a huge knot in my shoulder, and now my back hurts. The masseuse suggested that the site of my injury back in April has sort of “grown over” with extra muscle, which is all tight and protective of the old injury. Ouch. I think I might need another massage before the British.