A visit from Spitalfields Life, and some disappointing training

Well, it’s less than 2 weeks until the British now. I did another weigh-in on the gym scales yesterday and I was… 0.3kg heavier than last week. Yikes! But I’m trying not to worry too much because, to be fair, I ate a pretty big breakfast yesterday morning.

I soon regretted that breakfast because we had heavy deadlifts, and I spent almost as much brainpower on keeping my breakfast down as I did on focusing on my grip.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to arrange for the author & photographer from Spitalfields Life to come down to the gym in the hope that they’d write a feature on us. I thought I’d arranged for the week after the British, but they unexpectedly turned up yesterday. Unfortunately the old-timers they’d be best placed to talk to weren’t at the gym, so I’ve re-arranged from them to come back in a few weeks. But their photographer stuck around and took a few snaps.

I’m really excited at the possibility of the gym getting a feature – Spitalfields Life has 10,000 hits a day, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get more bodies through the door, more publicity and more ammunition in the fight to save the gym! If Tower Hamlets council let the gym close, London will have lost a historic gem.

So, in a few weeks they will come back, talk to the guys who have been lifting at BGWLC since the 1950s and take some portraits of the current & older lifters.

(You know all that stuff about how CrossFit boxes are the only gyms where everyone is social and a family? W-h-a-t-e-v-e-r. We all work really hard to make BGWLC an awesome, sociable place, and we all want to save it.)

Workout-wise, I was a bit disappointed Thursday & Saturday. On Thursday we went for 100% on bench, but I just couldn’t get 52.5kg off my chest. Then yesterday I made an attempt at 120kg deadlift, but my sternum felt like it was about to explode when I got the bar to my knees, so I dropped it. I did, however, get 115kg and it felt OK-ish.

I do badly want a 270kg total in 2 weeks, but I might have to dial my expectations back. It appears that trying to cut weight is hampering my performance – I lifted much better when I could fill my face with as much chocolate & cheesecake as I wanted (once again, counter to ALLLLL the nutrition advice out there) and was stress-free. Meh 😦