4 positive things for Wednesday

I promised you a more positive post, and today’s the day. I admit, I’m not feeling all that positive at the moment – day 4 of low-carbing (I’m trying to stick to <50g per day*) has definitely helped my weight move in the right direction but I’ve been pretty crabby, plus my training hasn’t been going well. Six of one, half dozen of the other, as they say. However, I decided to “break fast” today & had 250ml of apple juice when I got to work and… instant mood-enhancer. I love you, sugar.

* I want to point out this this is NOT informed by any nutrition advice/blogs etc (I don’t read them); I just arrived at this figure after a day of eating as low-carb as I felt comfortable. Although obviously it wasn’t comfortable long-term because I’m up to 60g so far today…

I think finding the balance between making competition weight but not going completely insane restricting my food is something I need to concentrate on for the next 10 days. In the meantime, I’m having a Snickers before squats tomorrow.

On that note, here are 4 things I’m loving right now, besides Snickers:

Salted caramel green tea?!

Salted caramel green tea?!

Yep, Twinings salted caramel green tea. It was recommended I try this stuff when I bemoaned the fact that green tea allegedly helps you shift weight but also tastes vile. I had to hunt around for it, but finally found some in Waitrose. And it’s…. not awful! OK, so it’s still green tea, but it’s palatable & I actually look forward to having my daily after-lunch cup. Result!

Coder’s Mood #2 from CommitStrip

You know how I have a ton of angst about being a developer, but not a rockstar developer? And that I recently quit all my tech mailing lists because I just didn’t feel like I “belonged” in tech any more? This strip basically rounds up how I feel, totally; and once I saw it I was relieved to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thank you, CommitStrip!


I’ve only just started following this blog and, well, I’m in love. In the blogging way, you understand. All my angst about making competition weight always drives me further into the arms of body-positive bloggers, and this post was something I needed to read at the time.

If sharing a photograph of my body is “glorifying obesity”, where’s the line? Am I “glorifying obesity” by wearing a bikini in public? Is ASOS Curve “glorifying obesity” by selling bikinis in bigger sizes to begin with? If a fat woman in a bikini takes a photo of herself in a forest and she has no internet reception to post the picture online, is she still glorifying obesity?

Fucking beautiful *sniff*

Yogi tea?!

Yogi tea?!

What, am I some sort of hippy now? Apparently so, because as well as drinking green tea I’ve taken to drinking this stuff. Oh the madness of making weight! Not that I think this tea spice blend is going to help me make weight but once again, it’s something palatable that I look forward to drinking every afternoon, and the choco-ishness at least partially offsets my Snickers cravings. Blimey, I’ll be meditating next. Hahaha no actually I won’t.

I was going to make this a “5 things I love” post but I’m struggling to think of another (which isn’t Battlestar Galactica or my wistful desire for cake/potatoes/nuts/a Snickers bar). Anyone out there got any more weird tea recommendations?


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    If you like spicy cinnamon teas, Harney and Sons makes a good Hot Cinnamon Spice one, and Celestial Seasoning’s Bengal Spice is really good too. Not sure if you get either of those brands on your side of the pond though!

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