Well, my weekend hasn’t gone to plan. In fact, none of my prep for this competition has gone to plan. Not only have I completely failed to have a good training week, I’ve approached making weight in a daft way and managed to screw up my digestive system. Normally, I have the constitution of an ox and have no idea what it’s like to feel ill after eating certain foods (ones that aren’t rotten or anything); but cutting down on carbs has changed all that.

I had planned to spend Saturday doing fun things with my boyfriend, as I wasn’t going to the gym & he is at home briefly in between business trips. Instead, I spent it in my pajamas, on the sofa, with stomach issues. FUN TIMES. Remind me to never, ever go so low on carbs again. I mean, I was eating my fruits & veggies (mostly in the form of savoy cabbage, green beans, melon & figs, as they’re all in season) but I still wound up in digestive agony. Urgh.

As I’m currently cutting out dairy & bread/pasta (but not “hidden gluten”, if you know what I mean) and experiencing gastric distress for the first time in my life, I’m getting paranoid that when I start eating those things again after Saturday, I will have become intolerant to them. That can’t happen, can it?! 😦

Today I feel a lot better, but only because I ate a bowl of oatmeal yesterday, along with some rice & raisins. Today I’ve eaten oat bran & more rice. I have no idea how many grams of carbs that equals, but my tummy is definitely happier. I will have to be more careful next week – I can’t spend next Saturday on the sofa!!

I think it’s kind of interesting that supposedly healthier diets can do this to you. I understand that everyone is individual (although sadly a lot of nutrition blogs don’t seem to allow for that) but I didn’t think I’d wind up feeling so bad just from cutting out rice/oats/wheat/root vegetables. Similarly, I obviously have a well-honed tolerance for lactose & gluten – if cutting these things out makes me intolerant of those foods, is it really “healthy”? (I.e. is removing a tolerance for/the ability to eat a food group “healthy”?)

I’ve been thinking recently of the phrase “find a diet that works for you” and what “works” means. I think it’s usually presumed to mean “weight/fat loss”. For me, “works” is a diet that doesn’t screw up my guts, as well as one which allows me to enjoy the food my boyfriend cooks me, fits with my (eating in restaurants!) lifestyle, and includes lunchtime foods I can buy at places like Pret or Abokado 😉


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  1. G

    Ugh, no fun! Nothing makes me question my life choices like guts pain, so I sympathize. It’s hard when we can’t isolate a cause too– I know my #1 priority becomes “how can I make sure it doesn’t happen again”! Hang in there and feel better soon.

    1. lozette Post author

      I definitely feel better today having eaten plenty of rice & oats over the last 2 days but things are definitely not right! Booo! This is a whole new experience for me, normally I can eat *anything* and feel great!

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