As if my competition couldn’t go any worse, what with my crap final training sessions and, ahem, “gastric distress”, on Monday I woke up with an stinking, streaming cold. I decided to call in sick to work, thinking that me with explodey sinuses = not much use to anyone.

2 days and lots of Sudafed later, I feel…bleh. Breathing is an issue. Really, could my prep go any worse? Although I fear if I ask that, I will jinx myself even further.

I did, however, manage to make it to the gym to set my squat & bench openers. I managed a pretty nice 90kg squat, and a hard-but-OK 50kg paused bench. I’m probably going to open on 47.5kg for my bench, though – just to be super-safe.

I have an idea of what my second attempts will be but like any seasoned competitor, I won’t be choosing my third attempts in advance. When I see people choosing all three attempts beforehand I confess, I do roll my eyes a little – you really don’t know how you’re going to do on the day (especially if you’re making weight). It’s fine to have a ballpark idea, but set attempts – don’t bother. Just see how attempts one & two go.

In terms of the old gastric funtimes, today I have eaten carbs carbs carbs. Oat bran, sunflower seeds & raisins for breakfast; a salad featuring red kidney beans & more sunflower seeds for lunch; and a couple of those Actimel probiotic yogurt drinks in-between. Tonight’s dinner features lots of rice. If this doesn’t sort my gut out then, oh god, I dunno. New gut please.

I’ll see how if affects my weight tomorrow, I guess. If push comes to shove, I can have a low-food day on Friday. And an Epsom salt bath in the evening.

I really cannot wait for this competition to be over now. I want to focus on… prepping for the Greater London championships on November 22nd. Not like I’m a total glutton for punishment, or anything.