The week after comp; and 2 articles about Bethnal Green WLC

I haven’t felt like blogging for a few days and I think I’m in that post-competition MEH phase. I went back to the gym on Thursday, but since I don’t have a program at the moment it all feels a bit directionless, which isn’t fun. The Men’s Classic is next Saturday & Sunday, after which (I hope!) I will get a new program to run me up to the Greater London Championships on November 22nd.

On Thursday & Sunday I therefore spent a bit of time squatting in my new Adidas Powerlift 2.0 shoes. I’m still not convinced they’re going to work for me; I tend to tip forward a lot on heavy (90%+) squats so the small heel on the Powerlift shoes will probably make me tip forward even more, unless I can do something dramatic to correct the lean.

Oh well, if the shoes don’t work out I will stick them on eBay. Or just keep them. Because it’s not like I have too few pairs of shoes or anything!!

I spent the first few days after the competition eating a bit more than I was when i was trying to make weight. Then on Saturday my boyfriend came back from his business trip, so all bets are off. I had a Dominos pizza & wine on Saturday night, waking up feeling terrible (I haven’t drunk alcohol for weeks!); yesterday I had some Buffalo wings and beer, and I feel OK today. I really shouldn’t eat Dominos – for a “treat” it sure does make me feel rubbish. I don’t think it’s the gluten (dear lord please don’t let it be the gluten) but something mysterious that makes me feel ropey. Or maybe it’s the wine.

My coach Martin wrote a nice little report about mine & the other Bethnal Green ladies’ performances at the British. He is always very complimentary to me, despite my inherent rubbishness, which is nice. However, he did say the other day that I will never deadlift 140kg and now I’m sort of wanting to prove him wrong, dammit! Although I think 125/130kg is a more realistic lifetime goal. Maybe. I’m torn between wanting to be realistic, and wanting to throw all limitations out the window. But I do have to remember that I’m not that far off 40, and at some point my lifts are going to have to go down instead of up 😦

Another excellent thing that happened at the weekend was the Gentle Author from Spitalfields Life came into the gym to interview some of the members for a feature. I’ve been trying to arrange this for quite a while, with the author/photographer arriving at the gym when the senior members were away, and vice versa. Eventually I managed to find a time when both groups could be at the gym at the same time, and the resulting article is great. It’s nice to have a record of some of the history of the gym. Unfortunately one of the photos of me is terrible – I have no idea what I was thinking with this outfit!

Photo by Sarah Ainslie.

At least I’m squatting 80kg, which isn’t clown-like (even if the clothes are).

This week, as well as practising squatting in those shoes, I have a feature to write for the Bethnal Green website about another one of its lifting legends and sorting out a bunch of archive photographs. God I love my gym.


2 thoughts on “The week after comp; and 2 articles about Bethnal Green WLC

  1. G

    If it helps, I feel terrible when I eat Dominos too (most delivery pizza, actually)– my abdomen inflates like a balloon. (TMI, sorry.)

    I love your socks! Rainbow stripey socks are the best 🙂

    1. lozette Post author

      I love those socks but they do make me look like a circus escapee 😉

      I totally shouldn’t eat Dominos… My boyfriend has one every week & I usually buy something separate to eat myself (although I hate eating separate meals) but I didn’t have anything else in on Saturday. Mistake!!

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