The other day I read a great post which was a nice postscript to my rantette about “healthy” food that “works” – Pork, Plums & Fodmaps on NorthSouth Food. I knew about the Fodmap protocol when I wrote my post but completely neglected to mention it, and the fact that on it, lots of “healthy” (oh that word) foods are actually unhealthy. Apples, cauliflower, avocado, etc etc. For Miss South, a healthy diet consists of “white bread all the way, very little fruit and only certain veg“.

Healthy is relative, y’all.

This week I’ve definitely been eating unhealthily for me, as work has been a stress-fest and I’ve only been able to power through my afternoons thanks to milk chocolate Hobnobs. I’m definitely enjoying not having to make weight at the moment (in fact I took a packet of dark chocolate digestive biscuits to the gym on Saturday and have been eating them in between squats). Once my boyfriend goes away on business again in 10 days I will probably be back on the green veg & meat again (but definitely not low carb because my guts are still not normal!)

I don’t start my new program at the gym until Monday, which is a 6-week runup to the Greater Londons on November 22nd. I haven’t been completely aimlessly working out, though – I still have to see if my new Adidas Powerlift shoes actually work for me; plus on Monday my coach got me to try a new setup for bench press. He’s getting me to ditch the blocks I usually use, put my feet back underneath me further (as opposed to having them under my knees), do a larger arch and aim to hit the bar on my bra underwire instead of on my boobs. It already feels like it could make a difference.

I also received the IPF Technical Rulebook yesterday which I have to study in anticipation of my IPF referee’s exam on the 19th October! Exciting times!!