On Sunday I went on a bit of a road-trip down to Dover to watch the boys from my gym compete in the GBPF men’s Classic.

Look at themmmm!! So adorbs. (Photo from Lauren Calliste)

It was awesome fun and everyone did really well. I got to see Stephen Manuel squat 300kg and Tom Martin deadlift 350kg. The venue was pretty damn fine too.

Now that the women’s & men’s Classics are done, it’s technically the end of my powerlifting year and the beginning of a new one. Tonight I start a new program to run me down to the Greater London championships on November 22nd. Apparently we’re doing lots of speed work. I hate speed work 😦

I’m hoping to get my qualification for the 2015 Classic done at the Greater Londons, because I won’t be competing much in the spring/early summer 2015. I’m off on holiday in January & March, both times to the USA, so I’ll come back from both holidays over comp weight & of course completely out of shape. But it will be worth it for all the buffets I’m going to hit in Vegas 🙂

I think my next competition after November 22nd will be the London Clubs in June(ish) or the All-England in August. Although the 2015 Classic is in September, so the All-England may not be doable. I think 2015 is going to be a 2-competition year, as opposed to my usual 3!


I have no idea how much I weigh at the moment, but I want to compete on November 22nd in the <72s, so I guess I need to start thinking about my weight again. I've been seriously slacking on the nutrients/protein front recently – I think when I'm not training hard/running up to competition, I just don't bother to think about eating 100g+ of protein a day or whatever. I'm definitely not in the "It's a lifestyle change!" camp, as without competitions I just wouldn't have the motivation to eat protein until I puke/force myself to eat the hated vegetables/steer clear of lovely lovely bread & pasta.

Plus, as I was reminded at the weekend, competing is awesome because everyone is lovely (in real life at least; on Facebook not so much) and it’s ace and brilliant etc etc. Just remind me of that next time I’m making weight and CRYING about it, OK?