Big steaks and big benches

This morning I dropped my boyfriend off at the airport for another business trip, so in theory I could be having another week of low-carb, “good” eating while he’s gone. Not that he encourages me to eat “bad” food, you understand – I just find it easier to stay off the bread/potatoes etc when he’s not here.

Of course, it’s all started badly – once I got home I ate an egg & bacon muffin (the English kind) and enjoyed a fantastic bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk x Oreos. Hey ho, it probably fits someone’s macros.

If you can’t eat a steak this large I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems but fitting a pound of steak + sides into my gut ain’t one.

I’ve had a pretty decent week at the gym. Monday’s light speed squats left me in DOMS agony for 2-3 days, which is a bit embarrassing given they were only 40kg. I went to Pilates twice, on Tuesday & Thursday; but I didn’t make it to conditioning as I had a random day off work on Friday, ostensibly to relax (instead, I spent most of it worrying about housework, then eating a fantastic 550g Hereford porterhouse steak at Goodman in Canary Wharf).

On Thursday I had possibly my best bench session EVER EVER. As mentioned before, I’ve changed my setup to ditch the blocks & work more on hovering over the bench supported by my legs (but obviously with butt still touching the bench). On the board the requirement was 5 x 5 with a bow bar (or buffalo squat bar).

A bow bar is heavier than a regular barbell, and thicker; the intention of the exercise was to work on explosiveness off the chest, as when the bar is on the chest, the weight is BELOW the chest, resulting in you having to work harder to get past that chest sticking point.

Well, I managed 5 x 5 @ 45kg (no pauses), which is amazing given my 1RM (with a pause) is 52.5kg, and I only managed 47.5kg at this year’s British. I did, however, walk around with noodle arms for the rest of the evening.

The rest of the accessory work was with a nod to Dean Bowring, including single-arm dumbbell chest presses. Myself, my coach and the other lifter we were working with also spent a lot of the evening discussing the IPF technical rules. I have SO MUCH to learn.

On Saturday, I once again had speed squats on the box – this time with a pair of 26kg chains. And, once again, I spent the session getting shouted at to get QUICKER QUICKER QUICKER. Followed by speed deadlifts – 5 sets of 3 @ 80kg, all far too slow as before. I think my protestations about how I’m just slow at everything in life (eating, walking, driving…) are falling on deaf ears.

Plans for this week are the usual – lifting x 3, Pilates x 1 or 2, conditioning x 1. I also want to up the “good” food consumption, but given my track record of forgetting to get dinner out of the freezer (my boyfriend has, as ever, left me a freezer stocked with meals) we shall see how that turns out.

And now I’m going to make some homemade granola, because I’ve been meaning to for ages, I’m bored and I have no more Battlestar Galactica to watch 😦


4 thoughts on “Big steaks and big benches

  1. Martha B

    I really tried to read this whole post, but you lost me with the steak picture. Now I need some red meat in my life. 🙂 But seriously, sounds like you had a great week. Can I please borrow your boyfriend so he can come over and put meals in my freezer? That sounds fantastic. Kthanks.

    1. lozette Post author

      Haha no, I’m afraid I need him full-time. He has ironing to do once he gets back from San Francisco 😉 😉

  2. G

    High rep squats put me in DOMS hell too! Slow and heavy is fine, but I think my hips just don’t like going back and forth so many times. (I don’t think I’m recovering well either, can someone get to work on inventing the 27-hour day so I can get more sleep?) I’m glad to hear you’re making good bench progress! That gave you such grief, so I hope you can blow through the plateau now.

    That steak looks fantastic! Speaking of food and DOMS… have you found that drinking a beer has any effect on inflammation? My sore joints heat up like mad after a beer; I’m making drinking more of a sometimes treat, which is sort of sad 😦

    1. lozette Post author

      I’m not sure about beer as I don’t drink much of it any more! In fact I’ve really cut down on the booze 😦 I mostly stick to wine now, and one glass is like my limit!! *old*

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