Once again I haven’t felt like writing here recently. I have a big, ranty post in my head about fat-shaming, which I want to write at some point *but* I don’t feel I have the time right now to do it justice. (This scrappy post was knocked out in a spare 10 minutes after my lunchbreak.)

I did, however, find two nutrition writers whose writing I think I can get behind. Normally I read no nutrition blogs at all, they don’t interest me and in all honesty they usually give me the rage. But the other day I found an article about paleo that really resonated with me, via Kathleen Joythe Paleo Diet’s Bad Reputation by James Fell.

I have long felt discomfort with paleo (alongside my cynicism about, you know, coconuts and how were my ancestors supposedly eating them before they ate dairy) but I couldn’t put my finger on it, and this article basically spelled it out. Holy crap, there is a lot of sexism & racism in the paleo/ancestral health movement. TONS.

I’m currently feeling pretty unhappy with the state of the world, in light of things like Gamer Gate; some awful fat-shaming an online acquaintance of mine recently received; sexism in tech in general (it’s been really bugging me recently) so to see the sexism problem in paleo spelled out was jarring. And enlightening.

From James Fell’s article I then discovered Antonia Valladares’s piece on The Paleo Problem with Racism and Sexism and YOWCH, more truth bombs. I had no idea that grade-A douchebags like Tucker Max were acting as mouthpieces for paleo, and what the hell is going on with Creationists getting into it? Here in the UK we have far fewer religious fundamentalists/creationists (slightly ironic, given we have a state religion in the UK, unlike the USA) so finding out that there’s a Creationist/paleo tie-in is just…odd. How do you reconcile paleo with a belief that the Earth is only 5000 years old?!

I have yet to really read through more of James Fell and Antonio Valladares’ writings, and to be fair I’m more interested in their writing on the culture of food movements like this than actual nutritional advice/recipes etc. But I like what I see so far.


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  1. ebay313

    I look forward to reading your fat-shaming rant when you get time for it. I hear you on the time thing. I’ve been wanting for awhile to write a post about sex and gender but what I want to say is sooo much, it will take some time to write. (I’m also sort of debating if it would be more appropriate for my blog here, or for my professional blog.)

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