I am really, really glad that the last 2 weeks are over. I had a really good weekend away, which I needed badly; and now I’m looking forward to having a normal week. Fingers crossed there are no disasters (although my week at work so far is pretty rubbish, and it’s only lunchtime on Monday).

The good news is that I had a really good bench session on Thursday – I managed to bench 60kg to two boards, for 3 sets of 2. Pretty awesome (for me), it has to be said. The first few times I held 60kg over my face it seemed heavy and impossible and terrifying; but now that I’ve done it a few times I’m not quite as unsure as I was. Fingers crossed a predictable 52.5kg paused bench & maybe a new pb will be coming along soon.

I ended up only going to the gym 3 times last week – lifting x 2 and Pilates once. I had intended to go lifting on Tuesday (since I couldn’t make Saturday) but coach told me not to bother, so I quite happily took an extra evening at home.

On the one hand, I feel as if I shouldn’t have missed the session, because hello it’s less than 3 weeks until competition now (yikes!); but on the other hand I’m kinda blah about the Greater Londons – I only want to get a qualifying total, I’m not really fussed about pbs etc.

Is this not anathema to the whole ethos of lifting, though? Are we not meant to be constantly striving to do better, be better, always progressing etc etc? Yeah, probably. But I think we also occasionally need some time off (although if you personally don’t then, cool). As mentioned before I’ve been pretty meh about gym stuff recently, despite still being dedicated to the act of turning up at the gym (I just haven’t been putting much effort in once I get there). Ever since the British I’ve just felt like I was ticking over, you know? Maybe that’s no bad thing.

During the weekend just gone I went to visit a good friend in another city (hence missing the gym) and spent the whole time drinking far more than I normally do (these days, anyhow), eating lots & lots of food I don’t normally eat (delicious things like party nibbles and kebabs!) and getting far less sleep than usual (my weekends normally involve going to bed at 11pm, not sitting up nattering until 1.30!) Again, part of me feels like I oughtn’t have done that, but the rational part of me is like hey, how often do you even do that? How often do you actually have a social life at the weekends? It’s all about balance, you know? Sometimes health is about doing what the fuck you want, not what you feel you ought to.

That said, I have heavy squats tonight, and I’ll see how much of an effect the lack of sleep has on those.