Pre-comp day

I’ve just been browsing back through my blog at “competition” posts and it’s funny, it’s all competition countdowns and nerves etc (and a lot of crying about making weight); whereas right now I feel fairly calm and haven’t actually worried too much about my weight (yet!)

I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about the competition… On the one hand, I want to get a huge new total and show off in front of all the newbies and make myself proud. On the other hand, I just want to get a 245+kg total so I can qualify for next year, and not fret about new pbs etc. My back feels a bit ropey, I’m nowhere near as fit as I was before the British, and I don’t really feel like my training’s gone very well (I haven’t exactly been focused!). I don’t want to mess up, but I also don’t want to slaughter myself, you know?

I think it will be an interesting couple of days. We have a ton of new (or at least new-to-me) lifters taking part tomorrow, so it’ll be interesting to see who remembers their commands etc; and also to see what level they’re at (I started competing when I was a pretty shit lifter; but many people seem to wait until they’re more accomplished to start competing now, which I think is kind of a shame).

And, of course, it’s going to be interesting refereeing for the first time! Forget the lifters remembering their commands – will I remember them when I’m in the chair?! God, I hope so!!

I took a half day off work today to relax, since I will have no time off at all over the next couple of days (I expect to be a BGWLC for 14+ hours tomorrow and maybe 8 hours on Sunday!) so right now I’m chilling at home. In a bit I’ll go pack my bag and check my kit. My weight this morning was 70.8kg (on my home scales) which was a surprise – I was 72.2kg the day before. Eh, oh well. Either way, I think I will be alright on the weight front (FINGERS CROSSED)

Oh, and if you’re reading this about to do the Greater Londons tomorrow (or any competition) and it’s your first time, you might like my very irreverent post: What to expect at your first (powerlifting) competition.

See you on the other side!


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  1. MrsB

    Have fun tomorrow!!! And I was just about to ask you what goes down at a powerlifting competition when I got to the link at the end 🙂

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