Positive December day 4

Normally I’d be at the gym at this time on a Thursday, but I’m giving it a miss tonight thanks to yet another cold. I feel like I only just recovered from the last one! I woke up feeling a bit snotty this morning, but by 4pm I was full-on shivery (in our warm office) so I decided to just come home after work.

My plan for tonight is to have a hot bath, eat a hot curry and relax. I’m trying to stave off the guilt I feel about not going to the gym, especially as I have to miss Monday too (work Xmas party!). BUT a big part of my gym is the fact that we’re all a team, and if I were to give my team-mates a stinking cold I wouldn’t forgive myself! (I guess it’s different if you train at a gym full of strangers).

Aw yeah

Aw yeah

Tonight’s thing I’m grateful for (and I love!) is therefore cold-themed… It’s Old Jamaica extra-fiery ginger ale.

Man this stuff is great. I’m a fan of pretty much all ginger ales, but there’s something awesome about Old Jamaica. Maybe because it feels like the most honest, and the least fancypants? Also it’s only 38p a can in the supermarket (as opposed to a more than a quid for a bottle of Fentimans!)

I will be drinking plenty of this tonight, possibly with a shot or two of Woodford Reserve bourbon – because what chases a cold away better than spice and booze? Bring it on!


3 thoughts on “Positive December day 4

  1. G

    This stuff looks fantastic! It’s hard to find really strong ginger ale/beer here in the states, it’s all syrupy and bland. I sometimes make my own, but that’s a process…

    Have you had root beer or birch beer? It’s a different animal… I like it a lot but it seems be a divisive flavor when you haven’t grown up with it.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. lozette Post author

      I love root beer, but I’ve never had birch beer (I want to try it now!). I find root beer tastes vaguely medicinal to me, but I think that’s part of the reason why I like it!

      1. G

        Birch beer is similar to root beer, but with, I think, a more wintergreen-y, medicinal flavor. It’s pretty regional, I’ve only seen it sold in areas surrounding Pennsylvania…

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