Positive December day 5; and, the best-laid plans

Life really does have a way of throwing you curve balls, and the last 24 hours have definitely been the curviest for a while. Shortly after I finished my last post, and while I was enjoying my can of extra-fiery ginger beer, I got a call from my sister to say that our mum had been blue-lighted to hospital.

The TL;DR version is that she’s OK, but has been admitted to a cardiac ward ready to have a stent fitted. The bad news is that I’m going to be missing both of those “12 Pubs of Xmas” events I was invited to, and I will probably have to miss going to the gym on Saturday too, so I can go visit her in hospital. But that’s all small beer compared to knowing my mum is OK.

So my positive thing for today isn’t one of the ones I had planned – it’s the NHS. People can bitch & whine and moan about it all they want, but the fact remains that here in the UK you can get blue-lighted to A&E (a.k.a. the ER) and not be made bankrupt as a result.


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