Positive December days 6 & 7

As I suspected, I didn’t have time to post at the weekend, so my positive posts are a bit delayed. I spent all of my weekend rushing about doing stuff, before finally sitting down to a bit of TV and relaxation at 5pm on Sunday. I barely kept up with social media stuff, and that is highly irregular for me.

I’m struggling to feel positive today as my gym schedules are all messed up, and I’m stressed about my mum. I was able to go to the gym on Saturday morning, though, in the early session (which is technically a weightlifting session, but they let me in anyhow). I can’t go tonight due to my work Xmas party, and I probably won’t be able to go tomorrow as I want to visit my mum in hospital.

Overall, this blog feels like it’s not about lifting any more, because I’m not lifting much! I didn’t even go to conditioning on Friday because I felt ill (I still have a stinking cold).

Hopefully things will be back to normal in January. The rest of December is looking pretty fraught for me. Wah 😦

But, this is meant to be a positive post (dammit!) so today is a twofer – I am really glad I passed my GBPF referee exam, because I did my third refereeing gig at the weekend and it was ace!

It was a British Weightlifting/IPC para-powerlifting bench press competition, which technically I am not qualified to be a referee for; but I think BWL were short of referees so myself & another guy from BGWLC stepped in. Para-powerlifting is slightly different from regular powerlifting bench press in that the athlete’s legs (if they have them) must remain on the bench, strapped down if desired; there is no “press” command given by the centre referee; and the weights can increment by 1kg, instead of the 2.5kg minimum in able-bodied benching. Otherwise it was pretty much the same.

I had a really good day overall (if you look past the 6.30am wake-up!) and I got to meet (and judge!) quite a few big names – Ali Jawad, Natalie Blake, Paul Efayena, Micky Yule; plus one of the other refs was veteran weightlifter George Manners. There were also some newer lifters, including Stephen Handley who lost both legs in Afghanistan & is being coached by the charity Help for Heroes. It really was an honour to take part.