Positive(ish) December days 8 & 9

OK, I admit, this is a struggle at the moment. I’m quite stressed & finding positives is tricky.

I started writing this last night but ended up just giving up & going to bed. I know that all the negatives at the moment can’t be helped, but that doesn’t make them less cross-making.

Mostly right now I’m annoyed that:

  • I feel like I haven’t been to the gym in ages; I feel tired, flabby & out of shape
  • I’m still upset that I won’t be able to lift in my club competition, even though I know that can’t be helped
  • I’m questioning why on earth I’m still working in tech, again
  • If I go to the Women Who Code event I signed up for tonight, then I won’t have a single evening at home all week

But there are positives right now, namely:

  • My mum is doing OK; and she was transferred to a hospital in London on Monday, so I was able to go see her fairly easily (sadly it’s not easy for my dad & other family to go see her in London)
  • We finished all our important work for for the year on time, and did our final deployment yesterday; so the rest of the year at work is just technical debt, which isn’t as fraught as doing deadlined project work
  • I think I will be able to go to lifting tomorrow, assuming everything goes to plan
  • If I go to the Women Who Code event tonight, maybe it’ll make me feel better about working in tech (these events usually have that effect on me)

Also, I got given this Lindor chocolate for free as I was walking out of the tube this morning, and what’s better than free chocolate?! Not much!

lol at my huge hand

lol at my huge hand