Taking a break

I think it’s pretty obvious that I can’t keep up with the Positive December thing, or blogging / social media in general at the moment, so I’ve decided to take a break for the rest of 2014.

I’m not training much at the moment, and I won’t be able to train at all over the Xmas & New Year period. I’ll be volunteering at Crisis at Christmas in the dead space between Xmas day & new year’s eve, on 7.45am – 4pm shifts that leave no time or energy at all for other things. And besides, my competition year is over; since I train for not much more than competing, any training sessions I do won’t be particularly exciting.

I got the national & international GBPF calendar through the post yesterday, and I have to referee at at least one national in 2015 to complete my referee probation; so I’m already planning my 2015 competition year. As I’m on holiday twice in January & March, I won’t compete again until June (London Clubs Championships) most likely. I also plan to referee at the All-England in August & possibly also the Four Nations in November. My coach would like me to go to the World Classic in Finland in June (not to referee, but for the experience), but we’ll see if I can afford it.

Hopefully by January I will have broken through this depressive episode & life will be a bit less stressful. In the meantime I’m going to have a think about my training in the first quarter of the year – I find it really really hard to be motivated to train when I don’t have a competition to run up to. It feels like, what’s the point? But maybe if I start thinking about forming my own training programs (dog knows I have enough experience now!) maybe that can make it more exciting.

So ciao for the rest of 2014. I admit I’m quite glad to see the back of it.


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  1. G

    I hope the rest of 2014 goes okay for you and that you turn 2015 over feeling rested and strong! Have a great holiday and see you again next year πŸ™‚

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