Oh hai 2015!

Gosh, coming back to writing on this blog is proving a lot harder than I anticipated. But I need to get back on the horse (as it were), I have a pretty quiet afternoon in the office, so here I am.

I survived December, and Christmas, despite my mental health getting pretty abysmal in the first quarter of the month. Going cold turkey on blogging and social media helped – I anticipated missing Twitter especially, but I didn’t.

After I signed off on the blog, I wrote myself a little powerlifting program to take myself up to the end of the year, with the intention of doing run-ups on New Year’s Eve and maybe setting a new unofficial pb. But, as ever, I didn’t manage that due to contracting what felt like 3 colds in quick succession. I took some time off from the gym before Christmas to recover (as I wouldn’t have been allowed to volunteer at Crisis on 27-30th December if I was sick) and my program fell by the wayside. I was pretty gutted, I won’t deny.

I left the gym on 22nd December feeling despondent, thinking I was going to miss lifting every second until January 3rd. But I didn’t (hmm, just like I didn’t miss Twitter). In fact I barely thought about lifting for most of the Christmas break. Bizarre. Maybe I needed time off more than I realised.

Today I went to Urban Kings for conditioning, which was definitely a case of throwing myself in at the deep end. The class was hard, and with a different instructor who didn’t know me. I’m sure he just looked at me and assumed I was your typical newbie gym-goer, there to try to lose weight and “tone up” – and not the fit fattie I really am. Or was, back in November. I won’t deny that I’m pretty out of shape (for me) right now.

And so to my plans for 2015. I won’t be competing again until June/July (whenever the London Clubs Championships are) but I will most likely be refereeing at the end of February. In the meantime I have to get my fitness levels back up, which I’ve already started on.

I always make New Year’s Resolutions, and I’m pretty good at achieving them (I had about a 60% success rate with last year’s). In the name of making myself accountable, here are my resolutions for 2015:

1) Get a 280kg total. I have a theoretical 272.5kg total already (i.e. if you added together all my best lifts from different competitions) and a real 267.5kg total, so in theory I need to add 2.5kg to all of my lifts and do them all in one competition. I think it’s achievable, if I work hard.

Why 280kg? Because the two ladies at the bottom of the GBPF 72kg top 20 lifters both have 280kg totals, so if I can get 280kg I am theoretically a competitive lifter (if probably not in reality!)

2) & 3) are basically to stop tolerating so much bullshit in my life & to be more in charge of my life. I have elucidated on these in my private diary, but not here! But 2015 is going to be the year of Takes No Prisoners Laura. If it means I have to act like more of a bitch, then so be it.

4) Spend less time pissing about on internet forums that add no value to my life. This is mostly Mumsnet. Can’t deny, I am a terrible Mumsnet addict. If I’m going to be addicted to a forum, I should try to find one that’s at least related to my work or my interests. Mumsnet, for me, is the internet forum equivalent of a really really good soap opera.

5) Boost my immune system. For the last two years I’ve been ill pretty much all of December (in 2014 I felt like I had a cold from September until the end of the year!) and I don’t want it to happen again! More vitamins, more sleep, getting a flu jab, taking echinacea… I’m not sure how to address it, but I will find out.

6) Moisturise more. I’m going to be 38 in a few days and I’m looking decidedly crêpey. I had some hardcore beauty treatments on my face in November/December (microdermabrasion & glycolic peels) which I think did me some good, but I need to take care of more than just my face. << Insert worries about getting old here >>

So there you have it. I am back! Tomorrow is lifting at BGWLC, which will no doubt be light, light, light, but hopefully I’ll see that 100kg squat (and more!) again soon.