This week is proving to be pretty rough on my body, but progressively kinder on my mind – possibly partially because I’m back to my routine (I crave routine!) and back to the gym. I have a few thoughts about exercise & mental health, but I’m going to save those for a bigger blog post later…if I ever find the time to write another long-format blog post, which isn’t just a list of my training or assertions that I’m still here!

Despite going to bed at my usual time all week, I’ve struggled to wake up each morning. And I’m still feeling the squats I did back on Tuesday – I haven’t had DOMS like this for a long time.

It’s only a few days until my birthday, which I admit I’m not looking forward to. I’ve been mentally saying I’m 38 (or nearly-38) in my head for a while, so it doesn’t feel like such a shock but still…38. Yikes! Funny how age creeps up on you, one minute you’re in your mid-20s and then next thing you know you’re staring 40 in the face! Still, only 2 years until masters now.

I had bench last night, and as on Tuesday I decided to push it and not scale the weight down. I’ve been a bit too willing to take it easy in the past, and I’ve had an idea this week that I want to push myself as much as I can – at least in terms of weights. I will reserve judgement on pushing myself in conditioning!

  • Bench: worked up to 5 x 5 @ 45kg
  • Flat dumbbell bench press: 12.5kg dumbbells, 3 sets of 10
  • Skull crushers: 15kg bar, 3 sets of 10
  • Standing one-arm dumbbell press: 10kg, 3 sets of 5
  • Hammer curls: 7kg 2 sets of 12
  • Side bends: 17.5kg dumbbell, 2 sets of 12
  • Crunches, stretching etc

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