[As an aside to my previous post… as usual I feel I didn’t manage to point out that I am still very body positive, but that lifting hasn’t really contributed to my body positivity. I just draw my positivity from awesome plus-size, HAES and fat acceptance bloggers like Ragen Chastain, Gabi Gregg, Bethany Rutter, Hanne Blank etc. I don’t even read lifting blogs very much.]

[As an aside part II, I’m so gutted that these swimsuits by Gabi don’t come in my size. I’d need a 12E/F and the E/F cups start from an 18 :`-( :`-( ]

Well my training has all gone completely Pete Tong*. Yesterday I was meant to be lifting, but a terrible night’s sleep on Wednesday night + awful, awful sinus agony meant I didn’t go. And today I was aiming to go to conditioning but… I got all the way to the station (1 mile from my house) before I realised I forgot to pick up my gym kit.

Although, to be fair, I still have sinus pain today (not anywhere near as bad as yesterday though) so 50 minutes of hard cardio probably wasn’t a sensible idea. I’m going on holiday next Wednesday, and I need to be well.

I feel disappointed in myself as I was hoping to get a bit back in shape before my holiday, because 8 days of holiday food** + no gym means I will come back to London out of shape again. I thought that if I at least was in shape before I went, the end result wouldn’t be too far away from where I want to be. But as per usual, things conspire against me. I feel like none of my training has gone to plan since the end of November!

So my plan now is to lift tomorrow, and do part of what I missed on Thursday (heavy bench) and half of the Saturday workout (volume squats). Then I can do Pilates & lift again on Monday before I fly out Wednesday morning.

(There’s a gym in the hotel we’re staying in, but realistically I’m not going to use it – I never do.)

* Wrong.
** The aim of the holiday is to eat in as many restaurants as possible (since my boyfriend & I are foodies). We have reservations at Cherche Midi only a couple of hours after we land!


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