I’ve been meaning to write a blog post since last week and it’s just not happened. Despite the ranty tone of my last two posts I’m actually quite chipper at the moment – just busy.

Last week I racked up an impressive six workouts over the week, resulting in me feeling… oh christ, so sore. On Monday I went lifting; Tuesday was a spin class; Thursday was Pilates & lifting; Friday was conditioning and Saturday was lifting (anyone who says Pilates is “active recovery” but not a workout is invited to try Pilates at an MMA gym!)

Lifting has been, I admit, kinda boring of late. As I’ve mentioned before, I find lifting without a competition goal to be a bit pointless, and I’ve felt directionless. On Monday I pretty much just played about as I was helping train two new ladies. I don’t mind training newbies at all, but I struggle to get a decent workout in myself when I’m doing it. Staying on at the gym after they’ve finished to do my own workout isn’t an option, as my coach likes to close up by 8.30pm, and besides – I want to go home!

I asked my coach what I can do in this sort of blaaah period until I start training for my next competition, and he suggested trying a bit of volume for a while. So I’ve sorta-devised a sorta-plan for the next few weeks. Thursday is volume squats, Saturday is volume bench, and Monday (today!) will be low-rep paused squats and low-rep bench.

Last Thursday I did 3 x 8reps squat @ 60kg; on Saturday I did 3 x 8reps bench @ 42.5kg; next week I will do 4 sets, then 5 sets the following week etc etc. I haven’t decided how heavy I’m going to make my paused squats & bench tonight; I’ll have a play around and see what feels good.

This week I’m not sure if I’ll make the spin class; as usual, meetings are building up and I can’t always say no to meetings in favour of going to the gym at lunchtime (boooo). But fingers crossed. I really really enjoyed it last week, and came away from the class feeling great (even if my glutes took a few days to forgive me). I definitely want to try to make it part of my [increasingly-packed] routine.