6-workout weeks, week 2

I’m at the end of my second six-workout week and I’m feeling a bit mixed about it. On the one hand, I feel pretty good and not as sore as I thought I would do; but on the other hand, I found Friday’s conditioning session nauseatingly hard and not, I think, because it was an unusually hard session.

I also don’t know if I did badly in conditioning because I did volume squats the evening before, and if I’d done something a bit more “normal” (i.e. low-rep higher-weight squats) I wouldn’t have fared as badly.

On Thursday, though, I felt like a frickin’ goddess, and I put that down to having a McDonald’s breakfast (with my first ever double McMuffin!). I thought I was going to miss Pilates at lunchtime thanks to meetings being moved around last-minute (FFS!) but I made it; and in the evening I went to BGWLC for volume squats.


I recently upgraded my iPhone to a 6, and was blithely unaware for almost a week that it includes a pedometer which had been quietly recording all my steps. This is pretty cool but also, well, it’s definitely nudging me to move more. Normally I’d catch the bus home from the tube station after gym, but on Thursday I thought I could make that magic 10,000 steps goal if I walked home instead. So I did, and racked up over 11,000 steps during the day, but I suppose it’s not surprising that I was physically wrung out on Friday!

If the IOS step counter is accurate then I do about 4500 steps on my way to the station in the morning. I often get the bus home in the evening but maybe I’ll stop doing that & walk instead. I kinda like these nudges, but then again, I don’t want it to drive me crazy (as tracking my calories with an app often does).

Training-wise, I’m now up to 4 sets of 8 squats @ 60kg, and 4 sets of 8 bench press @ 42.5kg (NB this isn’t like an “absolute max” or anything; I don’t train to failure often). Next Thursday & Saturday is 5 sets. Tomorrow I’m going to do a few paused squats and maybe some heavier bench. One of the world’s greatest mysteries is that I can bench 42.5kg for 8 and 45kg for 5, but my 1-rep max is still 52.5kg! I think I’m built for bench reps.


3 thoughts on “6-workout weeks, week 2

  1. G

    Activity trackers make me a little batty. I was using one of those NikeFuel bracelets (until it broke) and it tracks ‘streaks’ so on an inactive day I would find myself flailing around wildly before bed so I didn’t break my streak!

    I am curious about the iphone6’s tracking though. I don’t keep my phone in my pocket all the time…

    1. lozette Post author

      I’ve not worn an activity tracker before but I’m definitely susceptible to the battiness too! I need to be wary of the point where a “nudge” becomes a “shove”, IYSWIM

      1. G

        Maybe they’ve gotten more sophisticated, but the idea that I was never allowed to have a recovery/rest day was maddening…

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