I’ve intended to update here so many times in the last week and never got round to it. Not that I have anything interesting & erudite to say (that seems to come in bursts!)

My training was a bit of a mish-mash last week. I went lifting on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday; completely ballsed-up going to spin on Wednesday, crushed conditioning on Friday; and had something called “conscious movement” on Thursday in lieu of Pilates (the Pilates tutor was off).

Tuesday’s volume squats were brutal – 4 sets of 8 @ 70kg. I had serious jelly legs for the rest of the week – even as late as Saturday morning. I’m supposed to be doing 5 sets tomorrow and I won’t deny I’m scared. Still, I’m v impressed I managed them – that is a lot of reps at a significant percentage of my max (70%! How am I going to work out percentages when I increase my squat?!)

On Wednesday I went to my non-lifting gym for spin, and was busy getting changed when I realised I’d forgotten my trainers. That gym is no-shoes-allowed, except for spin; so I’d just gone there on autopilot with no shoes (all my other classes are no shoes). I was so cross with myself. But since I was already changed I decided to do a little arm & shoulder workout and some foam rolling.

To be honest, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t go to spin, as my legs were wrecked enough as it was.

Thursday’s bench was a bit of a wipeout – I’m still doing sets of 8 @ 42.5kg, as per my last cycle; and they still feel really heavy although I’m trying to be better about not bouncing the bar off my chest.

After Friday’s conditioning session at my non-lifting gym I got told by the tutor that he was “really impressed” by my 30kg thrusters. I never lift at that gym, so while I tell everyone I’m a powerlifter, I kind of imagine they don’t believe me, you know? So while it’s nice he was impressed with my thrusters, I want to tell him that if he thought they were good, he should see me squat 😉

Then on Saturday I had intended to do some heavy (80kg+) paused squats for reps; but I got to the gym & it just wasn’t happening. So I did 5 singles at 80kg. They were hard – honestly, I can rep 70kg for 8 but a single at 80kg is hard? I’ve done 80kg for fives in the past. Funny how training can be so variable.

This week I’m going to have to miss spin (again) – I won’t go on Tuesday, in favour of saving my legs for squats; and on Wednesday I have a work meeting at the same time. With any luck I’ll still get 5 workouts in, though.