I’m back to the gym but to be honest I’m feeling quite down about it. I know that after a break I’m going to be comparatively feeble, and I know that everyone else won’t be, and I know I’m not supposed to compare myself to others (but let’s face it, when you compete how can you noti?!) but I still felt bad when I went on Monday.

Of course, I haven’t even lost that much strength – I did the prescribed squats at the prescribed weight (paused squats, 3 sets of 5 @ 70%/70kg) and I did some fairly decent rack pulls (3 sets of 3 @ 90kg, then singles up to 115kg) but of course I can’t help but compare myself to the new-ish girl who was rack pulling 140kg. I’ve rack pulled 135kg before, and I’m probably 10 years older than her, so I ought not to be comparing… but how often do our brains do what they ought to do?

A giant irony, given my last post, is that I managed to lose 2kg in Las Vegas. Not from lack of food (I ate mostly fast food on holiday, because the USA is the only place that has Popeye’s and In-n-Out Burger), but from lack of training. Therefore the conclusions I can draw from the 6 weeks of volume training I did before my holiday are that volume work does indeed give me a ton (or a couple of kg) of extra muscle weight. Plus, given I can still pause squat 70kg after 2 weeks off, it appears to have preserved a decent amount of my strength when I wasn’t training.

One thing that’s definitely fallen by the wayside is my flexibility. I went to Pilates today and hah, I could barely do any of it.

Ah, talking here about my envy of other lifters at the gym definitely helps. I know alllll the rhetoric about how we’re not supposed to compare ourselves to others, but it’s a thing that’s easier said than done.