Comp -3 weeks

I haven’t talked much about my latest round of competition prep, probably because I’m not really looking forward to this competition & I don’t feel like my training has been going very well. I definitely don’t feel as fit as I did in previous run-ups (or when I was doing all that volume work before I went to Las Vegas).

But, surprisingly, I’ve had a really good week at the gym. On Monday I squatted 85kg (85%) for 4 sets of 3, which wasn’t very pretty or pleasant, but I did it. On Thursday I benched 50kg (95%) for 4 sets of 3, followed by 40kg for 10. I was meant to do 5 sets of 50kg, but the last set just wasn’t going to happen; however I’m amazed I even got one set, as I’ve never repped 50kg for a triple before.

Then on Saturday I deadlifted 110kg (91%) for 3 sets of 2! I’ve never repped anything over 100kg, so I was really pleased. Unfortunately I tore my hand again when deadlifting, so my planned drop set of 80kg for AMRAP didn’t happen – no-one wants blood on the bar. I hope it heals up enough for me to do my final deadlifts next weekend.

There was a new lady at the gym on Saturday so I squatted in with her & we talked a bit about competing. I told her about my first competition 4 years ago, where I got 67.5kg squat / 37.5kg bench / 105kg deadlift, and she was surprised I was allowed to compete with such low numbers. This makes me feel sad, like people think competing is only for the elite. If competing was only for the elite, I probably wouldn’t be competing even now. And people do tend to think there’s “no point” in competing when you’re not putting up big numbers, but fuck those people. I’ve sat in front of someone at a competition complaining that some lifters weren’t good enough to be there and I wish I’d had the wherewithal to tell them to piss off. Now that I’m a referee I’m tempted to reprimand anyone I hear saying that, although hopefully I won’t have to.