Comp -2 weeks

Only two weeks to go now until my competition and I’ve dialled my non-lifting activities right back. I skipped conditioning again on Friday because I had heavy deadlifts for the second Saturday in a row. I also missed Pilates on Thursday thanks to work stress, but I don’t feel any worse for it.

On Monday I had squats – 3 doubles at 90kg, then a single at 95kg & a single at 100kg. The 90s felt like nothing, the 95kg was a dream & the 100kg also felt great! Honestly I’m pretty surprised. Apart from dropping most of my cardio workouts I’ve not really done anything to prep myself for this competition (apart from lifting 3x per week, obviously!) so it feels great that my squats are going well.

On Thursday I had bench – I’d hoped for 3 doubles at 52.5kg (touch & go, no pausing) and while I got one double, it was messy as hell & my bottom came off the bench. So we got out the fractional plates & I did 2 doubles at 51kg, as well as a double at 50kg. I’m not so confident that my bench is going to increase at this competition – 52.5kg with a pause is still something I can only get 50% of the time. Still, if I can get an equal pb I will be super-happy.

Then on Saturday we had deadlifts – another 3 doubles at 110kg, and a single at 115kg. My hand has still not healed up from where I tore it last week, and I was very worried I’d tear it again – I’m not convinced at 2 weeks is enough time for my hands to heal. So I taped my hand with micropore before every set and somehow, thankfully, my hand didn’t tear any more.

Next week I just have two workouts – just squat & bench, I’m definitely not deadlifting again before the competition. It’s been really unusual to do so much deadlifting in the run-up to a competition – normally I just sort of train around the lift, doing accessory work. So do two heavy deadlift sessions a week apart is unusual. I guess I’ll see if it makes a difference to my performance on competition day. I like that my coach has me running up to a competition in a different way every time, it’s interesting to see what works for me and what doesn’t.

Going back to saying that I feel I haven’t really prepped myself for this competition: normally 4-6 weeks before comp I get really tight with my food and my alcohol intake (and I fret about my weight). This time I really, seriously have done nothing. I’m still drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine every evening, I’m eating more cake/pastries/sweets than usual and I’m not trying to get any extra protein. And my weight is (currently) fairly spot on – 72.4kg yesterday morning (after a breakfast of fried egg bagels). I normally want to be 70-71kg for a competition but I think this time I’ll aim for 72kg on the nose.

I’ve been thinking recently how good my powerlifting performance would be if I actually “did nutrition”. You know: tried to get lots of protein, ate vegetables more than once a day etc. As it is, I have maybe 3 single-scoop protein shakes a week as a cursory nod to protein intake. I’ve been getting eggs in the house in an attempt to eat them every day and….mostly failing.

And yet my squats feel great and I’m repping 110kg deadlifts for the first time; and I’m happy with that! Maybe I’m being complacent – if I ate 150g of protein every day and wasn’t carrying round ~35% body fat, maybe I’d be squatting 120kg and deadlifting double bodyweight. But you know, I don’t mind – I think I’m doing pretty damn good for me. Maybe we don’t all need to have that “winner’s mentality”, you know. I feel I have a nice balance right now.