GBPF London divisional – 16th May 2015

I’ve been meaning to sit down & do a competition report for a while but as usual I’ve been too busy. But! It’s a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK so I have some time today.

I did… OK. All I wanted at the competition was a >100kg squat and… I didn’t get one. And honestly, I very nearly gave up on the whole competition at that point. I opened my squats with 92.5kg which should, in theory, be easyish for me, but to my horror I got red-lighted on it for depth. Argh. There is, seriously, NO WORSE FEELING than getting a no-lift on your first lift in a competition – it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

102.5kg squat attempt

I had intended to take 100kg for my second squat but given I’d just failed my first, I decided to take 97.5kg instead. A bit of a risk, but I was really careful to hit depth and I got it. Phew. Then for my third I thought, to hell with it, let’s go with 102.5kg. And I stood up with it! But I got red-lighted for depth again. Argh.

At least I now know I can stand up from a 102.5kg squat, I just need to get a couple of inches lower.

I was pretty miserable after my squats; I just wanted to go home & not bother with the rest of the competition to be honest. But I had to stick around as I was refereeing in the afternoon, plus leaving would have been silly. I’m too hard on myself at competitions (actually most of the time…) and luckily one of the other lifters taking part talked me round.

There was nothing very exciting to report on bench – I took 50kg for my opener & 52.5kg for my second, for an equal pb. I went for 55kg for my third & couldn’t get it off my chest, but I expected that, I haven’t got close to a bench pb for ages.

On to the deadlifts! I did an easy opener of 112.5kg, followed by an equal pb of 120kg which was hard but OK. I decided to go for 122.5kg for my third, in the hope I might get a new pb in something. My coach wanted me to take 125kg but I decided to play it safe & take a tiny nibble. I’m glad I did, to be honest, as I’m not sure I’d have got 125kg, but 122.5kg went up (just!)

So in the end I went 97.5kg / 52.5kg / 122.5kg for a total (5kg increase on my pb total) at 70.7kg bodyweight. Not a bad show, all in all. But obviously I’m still disappointed I didn’t get that squat!

My squat depth is definitely a serious problem right now, and I’ve seen this coming for ages – people have commented in the gym that my squats look shallow. So it seems I’m going to be doing work on getting deeper & staying more upright when squatting. First up: lots of squatting with the safety bar 😦


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  1. G

    Boo at squat depth! How demoralizing for your first lift. Well, now you know you need to work on it. :-/

    But hey, equal/better on the other two lifts! That’s something to crow about, I think 🙂 congrats!

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