May 16th competition – video

Turns out someone was videoing the lifts at my May 16th competitipn, and has done a nice little video (mstly featuring the morning flight).

My (red lighted) 102.5kg squat is at about 00:56s and if I’m being honest, I think the judges were kinda harsh!! I was so close to making depth! Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I don’t often see myself squatting, so it’s good to see how bad my lean/upper body collapse is. I don’t think it’s too awful (although obviously I’m not a coach!). My butt starts coming up & my chest initially can’t follow – I imagine due to upper back/torso weakness – but eventually it does & I don’t quite topple over. Luckily! Definitely need to work on my torso/abdominal/upper back strength.

Anyway, the video is worth watching because it shows all the BGWLC ladies & some of the guys lifting, and I love how you can see powerlifting is for ALL body shapes & sizes!