Alas my poor neglected blog! Ironically I’ve just joined Instagram too, which will no doubt get ignored in time too.

I think that since I stopped reading so many lifting blogs/sites etc, I’ve had fewer bullshit-induced fits of rage so I just don’t feel like I have anything to say here. Especially now I consciously avoid food stuff (*cough* paleo sugarfree clean *cough*)

My training is going decidedly blah. I’m not really sure now if I should compete on the 25th July. I don’t NEED to. Then again I will feel I’m letting the gym down if I don’t (which is bollocks – I won’t be letting anyone down).

Still, on Tuesday I did 5 sets of 3 paused squats at 80kg, followed by six single 100kg deadlifts that felt pretty easy, so I’m still “on it” (as the young people say). My bench is a bit pants though – 2 sets of 3 @ 47.5kg yesterday felt like LEAD so I don’t know what’s going on there.

Actually I do have one small thing to rant about. We watched the IPF World Classic ladies 84kg and 84kg+ sessions in the gym last week, which was awesome, not just because one of our lifters was competing. My god there are some seriously strong ladies out there! But you know what was depressing? Some of the comments in the “chat” box under the video on Goodlift’s site and (I’m sad to say) some of the comments by a couple of guys at the gym.

You know the sort of thing: comments about the lifters’ “true” gender, comments about the lifters’ attractiveness, “She looks like a man hur hur hur” etc. So fucking original. So fucking BORING.

Guess what, men? Powerlifting is not a beauty contest for you lot, and it’s NOT FOR WOMEN EITHER. And questioning a competitor’s gender because she’s strong, or has slim hips, or (heaven forfend) short hair? For pity’s sake.

I read a good article on The Pool recently about women’s football, and it resonated with me regarding powerlifting: Women good at sport? They must be men.

The most recent example was South Korea’s Park Eun-seon who had six rival teams in the South Korean league accuse her of being a man… on account of her solid performance and short hair. Eventually, after a sustained period of media humiliation for Eun-seon, Seoul City Sports Council announced that as she had been tested for the previous world cup, they could confirm she was a woman.

I mean, jesus christ. This poor woman has to go through the horror of having her gender questioned publicly, then be tested, because she’s good at something that’s the preserve of men?

Sorry men, but your masculinity is as fragile as fuck if you need women to prove they’re not men when they’re better than you at something.

And yes, both this and the comments about the attractiveness of powerlifters is all about the policing of women’s bodies. Our bodies must be scrutinised and tested and compared, according to arbitrary standards of attractiveness and achievement. Ugh. Give it a rest. Let women lift, or play football, or whatever without thinking of your sexual attraction to them for a change. No-one cares about your boner.


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  1. G

    Badass in their sport and short hair? Must be a man! Sigh… (And am I reading this right that it was the other women in the league accusing her? Ridiculous.)

      1. G

        I feel awful for kstew… She’s obviously a very private person and the media keeps obsessing over every haircut…

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