Oh I am in a grump-tastic mood today. Normally I go to the gym on Mondays but tonight I’m going to a career-related event; one I have been avoiding for ages but which I can’t this month because it’s being held in my workplace. So I’m going to the gym tomorrow, but let’s be honest – I’d rather be at the gym. Or at home.

Speaking of home, I have no evenings at all this week where I’m home before 9pm. I hate eating my dinner that late so often, but needs must. On the upside I have a week of stay-cation next week.

I still (still) haven’t decided if I’m competing on the 25th; I know I will feel like I missed out if I don’t though. my training at the weekend went alright – 3 sets of 2 deadlifts at 110kg, which felt fine (although I lost my grip on one), and 5 sets of 2 benchpress at 52.5kg (without a pause) which felt great.

Every time I mention that I won’t really decide if I want to do the competition until the morning of the competition it seems to draw a smirk from the asker, which is really pissing me off. It’s my bloody choice to decide not to do it, you know? But then I do feel like a lot of my decisions about myself get sort of looked down upon, at the gym & elsewhere. Honestly, I’m 38 years old, and a fair number of the people I interact with in real life seem to treat me like a child (or an imbecile). There must be something about how I present myself to the world that makes people think I’m an idiot. I feel belittled & taken advantage of far too often.

I might also stop saying yes when people ask me to check their depth/form on lifts at the gym, or give platform commands. I used to not mind being asked, but honestly some people take the piss. I don’t want to interrupt my workout (or my rest) to come & watch your set of 10 squats or give you commands etc. Ask your coach. And don’t shout at me when I don’t do what you ask me to do!

Yeah, I know it seems like a little thing to do for people as a favour, but after a while it just gets tiresome. I don’t work for the gym, I just train there. It’s like when people get annoyed on our gym’s Facebook page for the way it’s run, and I want to be snarky and tell them that no, I’m not paid to do this; I do it on top of my 9-5.30 job and my 2 hours of commuting and my 5 training sessions per week and my household chores. Gah!

Sorry; as I say, bad mood. I just want to go to the gym and train, and enjoy myself, without people (who are not my coach) constantly giving me “advice” about my lifts, assuming I don’t know best for myself, having opinions on when I choose to compete (or not), pestering me to watch their lifts, or people on the Facebook page giving me shit about competitions. I like to lift but it’s the stuff ~around~ lifting that annoys me, you know?

But then I guess I can’t get away from that entirely, not when I’m a member of a gym that’s not just a headphones-in, do your workout, commercial gym; and I’m a GBPF referee. Blah.

Hopefully I will be less grumpy after this week-from-hell.