Well so far no family members have freaked out about my tattoo, so I can only assume none of them are reading this. Which is a relief!!

Getting used to having a tattoo is weird. Every time I see it, I inwardly go “Oh! Oh yeah!”. And then I spend ages just looking at it when I’m sitting on the loo or lounging around the house with no trousers on (we all do that, right?)

I went back to the gym on Monday after an 11-day break to let my leg heal. Deadlifting even with the tattoo covered felt a bit sore, but I’m not worried about scraping it when I’m wearing leggings. I was really weak, though – I had 4 sets of 6 squats @ 70kg on the board, which I did, but 48 hours later I’m still soooo sore.

I went to spinning today in the hope that it would relieve my DOMS a bit (I know right?) and not surprisingly I’m even more sore now!

Last Thursday I had an email from the GBPF technical controller letting me know what slot I’m refereeing at, at the All-England Championships. Guess who forgot she’d signed up to referee at the All-England Championships? Hi. Luckily I’m free on Sunday, so I will be there, refereeing the men’s 93kg class! Oops. Good thing I have a car now, so nipping up to Northampton for the day isn’t a big deal.


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    It seems we always make the same mistake with hoping cardio will help our DOMS 🙂

    They usually figure about a month to fully heal a tattoo, right? I’m getting mine done on my upper back– so back squats will be right out for a while. Boo.

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