British Classic -3 weeks

(Some mention of bodyweight in this one)

I am incredibly poor at tracking my workouts and the training that my coach plans for me/us. I carry a little book to note down my training but I rarely write in it. I feel I ought to get back in the habit (I used to write in it religiously!) because eventually one day I’d like to be devising my own workouts, or those for others, and I will need a record to look back on!

So last night I whipped my phone out and wrote down what I remembered from the last week. It’s less than 3 weeks until the GBPF British Classic now (eek!) and my training is getting hardcore. I’m going to drop my conditioning sessions on Friday until after the competition, just to save my legs – especially as I’m currently having deadlifts on Saturdays! I completely stopped going to Pilates a couple of months ago, but maybe it’s time to start again – or to at least go to my second gym for stretching on non-lifting days.

Over the last ~week I’ve had:

Monday: squat 4×4 @ 85kg; bench 5×5 @ 47.5kg
Thursday: squat 4×4 @ 80kg; bench 4×4 @ 50kg (first time I’ve repped 50kg for 4!)
Saturday: deadlift 3×3 @ 110kg, two singles @ 120kg
Monday: squat 3 @ 90kg, 2×2 @ 92.5kg; bench 3×3 @ 50kg, two singles @ 52.5kg, one horrible single @ 55kg

…all plus accessory work of course.

I’m pleased with how my bench is going, but my squat is pretty crap right now. I’m really struggling with hitting depth & staying upright. If I get 100kg at the British I’ll take it!

My weight seems to be OKish – 72.5kg on Thursday and 71.9kg last night. Given that I am eating pretty much nothing but pasta/bread/cakes etc at the moment (so far today I’ve eaten two madeleines – they contain almonds, right? Almonds have protein!) I’m amazed I’m not hugely over my class (72kg). I need to watch myself, though! There’s no point 2.5 hours to Bournemouth, staying in a hotel for 2 nights, only to not be able to lift because I’m over my weight class!