British Classic -2 weeks

I only have a week of training left before the British & it’s all getting a it real now. I’m a bit fretful about being a hotel from Friday – Sunday (I lift on the Sunday) and not having access to a kitchen. I’m going to be eating in restaurants on Friday night & all day Saturday, so I need to plan ahead and make sure I can find places to eat plain-ish food. What a stress! Probably the best thing to do is find a supermarket and buy all my food from there. I’m glad I decided to take my car (instead of ride-sharing or taking the train) because I’ll have more flexibility.

I’m feeling a bit more confident about my deadlift after Saturday’s session. We had to work up to 3 heavy singles, so I decided to stick the weight on & see what I could do. 120kg felt good & fast, so I put 125kg on for a new gym personal best and (to my amazement) got it. So I went 127.5kg for my next and…got that too! I was going to stop there but my coach thinks I have 130kg in the bag, so we put it on. I got it about 5 inches off the ground but it wasn’t going to pas my knees. Still, I didn’t even think I’d move it so I’m not unhappy. If I can get 127.5kg again in 2 weeks I will be very happy indeed!

Now I’m wondering what on earth to open with on the deadlift. I had originally planned to go 110-120-??? but now it seems a bit pointless to bother with 110kg. I guess I’ll see how I feel on the day. 115-122.5/125-??? maybe?

This week I only have two training sessions – both squat & bench on Monday & Thursday. I won’t be deadlifting again before the competition.