British Classic -1.5 weeks

I was going to wait until I was only 1 week out from the British before doing my next entry, but I should probably blog more often, right? Even though I’m hardly training at the moment. It feels a bit ass-backwards that as I come up to a competition I train less, but that is powerlifting for you.

So on Monday I had my last heavy squat session before the competition. As you know my squat has been going pretty poorly at the moment, so I’m not expecting miracles on the day. However, I am expecting to get 100kg because that’s my current personal best (and what I squatted at the British last year) so I have to at least match it.

Scheduled on the board was a triple at 90%, two singles at 95% and then heavier singles if wanted. As my current pb is 100kg, my percentages are nice & easy to work out. So I did my 90kg triple & one single at 95kg. Then my coach decided to put 100kg on, which I’m glad about as I haven’t squatted 100kg for a while (not since my last competition) and I need reminding how it feels. 100kg went up really well – not too much leaning over, so that was great, big confidence booster [:thumbs up emoji:]

I had intended to leave it at that, but my coach wasn’t having any of it & stuck 105kg on the bar. Yikes. I had a long rest then gave it my best shot, and I started coming up… but my butt shot up before my chest & I lost it. Shame!! But on the bright side I now know how 105kg feels (heavy!) and I feel so much more confident about my squat on the 20th. Sometimes failing a heavy squat is the personal pep talk you need!

Tonight I have my last heavy bench session, so on Monday we just did sort-of heavy bench. I intended to do 3 doubles with 50kg, but 50kg felt so good that my coach got me to do 3 doubles with 52.5kg. Then we did 3 singles with full commands & stops at 50kg, and I got all three (the last one was a bit messy, but I got it).

Tonight we’re going up, so I hope I can get 55kg – although even the tiniest bit of added weight on the bench can make me totally screw it up. I really want 55kg at the competition and I have to feel confident I can get it.

Bodyweight-wise, I was 72.8kg on Monday night (after a full day of eating) so that’s fine. I just need to keep it all on an even keel for 10 more days!

I’ve been looking at maps of Bournemouth & surrounds and have identified supermarkets etc, so I can get light food (i.e. non-restaurant food!) on Friday & Saturday, plus supplies for Sunday. It’s going to be a bit of a pain in the arse, but I can do it. I’m so glad I’ll have my car, so I can do my own thing. Plus I discovered a Nando’s on the outskirts of the city, so I can get my traditional pre-competition meal of chicken & rice if I need it!


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