British Classic -3 days

The time is nearly upon us… I leave for Bournemouth tomorrow, ready for the Classic this weekend. I am so excited and I’ve barely been able to concentrate on my work all week.

This competition prep has definitely been my most sane so far. I didn’t start trying to make competition weight until a week or so ago (as opposed to weeks & weeks ago) so the usual nightmare of not being able to eat what I want has been brief. I’ve been weighing myself every day on my not-entirely-reliable home scales, and according to them I’m within competition weight. Of course, we won’t know for definite until I weigh in on Sunday morning, but so far I’m feeling good about it.

I’m a bit paranoid that I won’t remember to take all my equipment with me. 90% of the competitions I’ve done have been in my home gym, so normally I don’t need to remember my knee sleeves, belt & (3 pairs of) shoes as I keep them all at the gym. I washed my knee sleeves yesterday, so fingers crossed I won’t leave them behind. They’re in the bath, Laura, don’t forget them.

I’m planning to leave home at 1pm-ish tomorrow, get to my hotel at 4pm-ish, then spend some time orienting myself around town. My friend R is staying in the same hotel but won’t get there until much later; and my coach + other gym buddies are staying in another hotel 5 minutes walk away. I feel a bit sad that we won’t be able to do any mad socialising (because we’ll all be fretting about our weight), but never mind.

Once I’m in the hotel & have identified places I can buy food, I’ll feel much calmer. I can’t actually remember the last time I stayed in a hotel alone! I will definitely be taking a good book and aiming for a relaxing bath on Saturday before an early night (rock & roll).

All I’m hoping for on Sunday is a good total – 275kg at least, preferably 280kg. I hate mentioning things like that, in case I jinx myself, you know? But I’ve picked sensible openers (90/50/110-115). You just never know how you’re going to perform in a strange venue, after a night sleeping in a strange bed, eating unfamiliar food. (That said, I’m planning to eat my meals in chain restaurants, so the food won’t be so unfamiliar!!)

The whole competition is apparently going to be streamed on Three Whites, so remembering to pack my makeup is a must!!