Just a quick one today…

I think this is the shortest turnaround I’ve ever had between competing & starting prep for my next competition. 8 days! I barely feel like I’ve recovered, and I was expecting a couple of weeks of “just playing” in the gym, but nope – new program started on Monday, and I was thrown straight into the deep end.

For the next 3 weeks we’re going to be doing sets of 4 squats @ 80% & sets of 7 bench & 70% on Mondays; then sets of 4 bench @ 80% & sets of 7 squats @ 70% on Thursdays. Week 1 we do 4 sets, week 2 we do 5 sets and week 3 we do 6 sets. Saturdays will be deadlifts.

So on Monday I did 4 x 4 @ 82.5kg for squats, and 4 x 7 @ 40kg on bench. The bench was easy (I probably should have gone up) but the squats were awful. My coach wants me to tuck my elbows in more to try to stay more upright, but I was finding it hard on reps 3 & 4 of my working weight and falling back into my old habit of bending over on the way up. Maybe one day it’ll stick.

It’s 7 weeks or so until the next competition and ideally I’d love to nail that 105kg squat & 130kg deadlift, but I will be happy just to get a good total and qualify for the Classic next year.