Greater London championships November 2015

Just over a week ago I did my final (official) competition of the year, another Greater London championships at my home gym.

I did OK – not as well as at the British, but a decent 100kg squat, 55kg bench & 125kg deadlift meant I got 3rd place (to two vastly superior lifters!) and another trophy.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get a new bench personal best, though. 55kg (my second attempt) felt really easy, but I messed up my attempt at 57.5kg. In fact I messed up on all three lifts, due to sloppiness and not really paying attention.

My second squat was 100kg and I didn’t get it on depth. I knew as I was coming back up that I hadn’t hit depth, I was so mad with myself. I have this real problem of not concentrating 100% on squats I know I can get, and that’s when I make mistakes. So I took 100kg for my third attempt and got it no problem.

Similarly, for my bench I put 57.5kg on the wrong part of my chest (too high) and that meant I couldn’t press it. Again I was so cross with myself – I think I have a real chance of benching 60kg, but not if I keep making thoughtless mistakes like that.

As for deadlift, I took 125kg for my second attempt and DROPPED IT. What a fool! I think I put my hands the wrong way round, although I can’t entirely remember (I used mixed grip and usually have my left hand under, but I suspect I may have put my right hand under). Happily I got it on my 3rd attempt but ugh, what an oversight!

I think I do get complacent when lifting at the gym AND at competitions (at least, divisional ones – I was focused and on point at the British). I’ve been lifting a long time & sometimes it’s easy to go on autopilot. Still, hopefully I’ve learned a lesson – I could have had a 285-287.5kg total but I threw it away!

Still my aim for this competition was to get my qualifying total for next year’s British in the bag. And I thought I had but…. On Friday the GBPF announced that my qualifying total is going up, from 245kg to 300kg.

So I haven’t qualified after all. I am cross and I feel a bit cheated – I knew the QTs were going up, but by 55kg?? And to add insult to injury, the QTs for the 63, 72, 84 and 84+ classes are ALL 300kg!

I have more to say about this later but for now, it looks like the next 6 months are Operation 300 – 110kg squat, 60kg bench and 130kg deadlift. Yikes. Can I do it? Er, honestly, I don’t think so. I added 15kg to my total between 2013/2014, and another 15kg between 2014/2015, so 17.5kg between now and June/July? Christ. I fear for my knees!


5 thoughts on “Greater London championships November 2015

  1. Rach

    Congrats on your result! I think you can do Operation 300, because you are so nearly there with DL and BN! I realise 5kg is a lot on bench (compared to DL) but if 55kg felt easy, 60 should definitely be in your sights 🙂 It is the lift I struggle most with to improve. I think lots of women do.

    That is tough about +55kg on QT, but why on earth have the same QT across ALL weight classes? That’s just silly.

    1. lozette Post author

      The same total on so many classes seems really odd, I agree. Some people are speculating that the rationale is to cut the number of lifter in the 63 & 72 classes (the most popular classes) and boost numbers in the 84 & 84+. But it still seems unfair, as what impetus is there now for me to stay in the 72? I might as well just fatten up to the 84s!

  2. G

    Congrats on your comp! I hope you had fun.

    Also, 300kg? That’s a massive jump! Do you know what their rationale is for the change?

    1. lozette Post author

      I haven’t seen any official discussion about it, but people are speculating that it’s to cut the number of lifters in the 63 & 72 classes, and boost numbers in the 84 and 84+ (the 63/72 were huge classes at this year’s British).

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