Monthly Archives: September 2016

British Powerlifting coach, level 1

This past Saturday & Sunday I took the British Powerlifting (the new name for the GBPF!) level one coaching course, and happily passed, so I am now a “powerlifting coach” in name. I’m a little bit skeptical of calling myself a powerlifting coach as it’s merely a certification, and everyone knows the real meat of being a sports coach is in your experience and results.

I’m hoping this is the beginning of an exciting new phase. I know I’m never going to get to go to an EPF or IPF  championship as a lifter, but I do want to go to one someday – why not as a referee or a coach? In October I will have been a divisional referee for 2 years, so I can apply to become a national referee & from there an international referee. And with my own coach being world-standard (he was an official coach at the IPF World Benchpress earlier in 2016) then I can learn from him and hopefully become great myself.

But, first things first! Without getting ahead of myself, I plan to co-run more of the women-only sessions that BGWLC very successfully ran earlier in the year. We also plan to hold beginners’ sessions for under-18s and more sessions for over-50s. I might even get paid for doing them 😉

As for my own training: it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped recently as I injured my hip while running, so I haven’t been able to squat at full power for a few weeks. But my bench is going great guns – I benched 52.5kg for 5×5 last week, which is huge considering my 1RM is only 57.5kg. And the osteopaths at the British School of Osteopathy are sorting my hip out with some massage & stretches and TLC.

I’m still aiming to compete in November at the next Greater London divisional, although I don’t need to as I’ve already qualified for next year’s British Masters. I’ll see how my hip feels in a month and then make my final decision.