Monthly Archives: July 2017

Not so much post-powerlifting

Well, my intention to do less powerlifting and more other stuff hasn’t really gone to plan! I blame it entirely on moving jobs, travelling on business, and working in a temporary office while my new company waits to move into their permanent offices in August.

My new job is fine now, but the first 3 weeks were intense. I had one very busy week in London, then two intense weeks in Estonia (where I only had 1 day off). I did manage to find a gym in Tallinn to work out in, but as I hadn’t taken my knee sleeves or belt with me, I stuck to very light lifts.

Once back in London, things have calmed down a bit. I’m intending to join a new “secondary” gym near my work, but I’ve held off doing that until we move to our permanent office. So in the meantime I’ve been going to my powerlifting gym as usual, and I’ve supplemented that with a session at KOBOX City.

KOBOX is basically boxing fitness, but super-luxe (and super-expensive!). You training in a nightclubby, darkened room on water-filled punch bags, with pumping music. I went last Friday lunchtime and as you can see from my face, it was quite the workout. I loved it! I’m going back this Friday and will attempt to go once a week while I’m still in this office.

But as of August 1st I’ll be about 15 minutes further away, so KOBOX won’t be all that practical. It’s pay-as-you-go so I haven’t subscribed and won’t lose out – I might try to go now & again though. Instead I’m planning on joining a Pure Gym near my new office for spinning/yoga/cardio.

I’m still going to Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club 3 times a week but at the moment I’m not working to a program. I had intended to write myself a hypertrophy program but what with travel & long hours at my new job I haven’t been able to dedicate myself to anything.

Instead I’ve been working off the old Stronglifts 5×5 template, for bench press at least. I’ve worked up to 5×5 @ 52.5kg which I was really pleased with; at the weekend I intend to test my bench press and see if I can hit that magic 60kg.

On squat I’ve been working beltless to try to improve my form and depth. It’s not gone great, to be honest. I can hit depth with low weights, but once I hit 70% (70kg) I lean forward so far that hitting depth becomes really hard. I’m hoping more mobility, and/or a stronger upper back & abs might help me here.

Still I did 5×5 squats with 70kg beltless last week, which I’m really pleased with. I’ve been over-reliant on my belt for too long.

So, I’m just ticking over really. I won’t be competing until December, and I find it really hard to be motivated to train if I have no competition coming up. As for doing other things… I also don’t feel motivated there unless I have something to aim for. And I don’t mean aiming for a certain time or distance for myself – those seem like too-small goals when I’m used to powerlifting competitions! I’ve caught myself Googling white collar boxing, thinking that if I carry on the box fit stuff, wouldn’t it be good to actually, you know, fight?!

Ah we’ll see, eh. For now, I ought to be concentrating on my new job and settling in there! Other sporting things will come along in time, I’m sure.