This all started out as lauralifts.tumblr.com, which I intended to use to record my training up to the 2013 GBPF British Classic, and nothing else. However, I gathered more readers than I thought I would, and I felt I still had more to say after competing in the British, so here I am.

Some facts about me:

  • I’ve been powerlifting since April 2009 & competing since October 2010. I compete in the GBPF in the 72kg & 84kg categories.
  • I train at Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club in London, and my coach is Martin Bass.
  • I wasn’t sporty as a kid. In fact, until I was 31 I didn’t exercise at all. I’m not one of those types who played sports in school and discovered powerlifting later.
  • I was 32 when I started lifting and am 38 now. I almost can’t wait until January 2017 when I finally reach the Masters age group 😉
  • I haven’t lost any weight/fat through powerlifting, and I don’t intend to (despite being “overweight”)
  • My current personal bests in competition are:
    – 72kg: 102.5kg squat (September 2015), 57.5kg bench (July 2016),  130kg deadlift (May 2017) and 285kg total (July 2016)
  • When I’m not lifting, I’m a Ruby on Rails & front-end developer for a scientific publishing house. I’ve worked in web/tech stuff since 1999.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Pippa Ashton


    I was going to contact you via twitter but I have a locked account so a bit difficult. My friend Lauren (pocket rocket) mentioned you to me as she’s really been enjoying the weightlifting she’s been doing. I am really interested in getting stronger but I’m not sure where to start that would be a safe environment for that. (I’m plus size and I dance and swim but it’s hard to find somewhere I could learn about getting stronger without it being a bit shamey and unpleasant.) I was wondering if I could ask your advice?



    1. lozette Post author


      Sorry for the slow reply – I’m on holiday at the mo. If you’re interested in signing up at BGWLC then you’d be more than welcome to pop in to talk to our coach. I like to think it’s very non-shamey! Lauren comes in on a Monday evening 7-9pm if you want to come in when she’s there.

      I’m not sure how many places are left on the current term’s gym sessions, but a new term starts at Easter.


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