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Benching on toes/flat-footed

So I’ve been watching some bench press videos (because my bench sucks and I need tips!) and I notice quite a few people bench on toes. 

The GBPF (Great Britain Powerlifting Federation) doesn’t allow benching on toes – your heels have to be on the floor or on blocks at all times during the lift (plus your butt has to be on the bench). Because I’m only 5’2”/158cm with short legs, I have to use blocks for my feet. My coach made me a custom set of blocks which are perfect 🙂 

Obviously I can’t bench on my toes as my fed doesn’t allow it…

I know that the BPC (British Powerlifting Congress) allow benching on toes – which other ones do? What does your federation allow? And do you think there’s any sort of advantage to benching on your toes vs feet flat on the floor?