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I don’t want to sound obnoxious, but I think I’m really really lucky that I’ve never suffered from any form of disordered eating*. My family have always been larger, and I grew up with my mum & sister dieting all the time, but I just didn’t apply those thoughts to myself (despite being on the larger side). My sister used to tell me I was fat, and I just thought she was being horrible & ignored her.

I went to an all-girls school where many of the girls had anorexia or other EDs, and I just felt pity for them. Personally, I wasn’t into boys or fashion, so I didn’t really care that I was a size 14 (which was HUGE compared to my classmates). I did feel proud to have big boobs, though!

When I was 18 and had just finished my A-levels, I went to a mixed party and one of the boys called me a heifer to my face. I was upset, but my reaction was to thank $deity that school was over and I’d be at college & away from these people very soon.

At university I lost a lot of weight due to not eating much (the canteen food was horrible) and I enjoyed being relatively skinny (I was a small size 12 at my lightest) but I wasn’t so bothered when the weight went back on again.

In my 20s I lost about 25lbs in a year by dieting, which made me miserable, but I was quite pleased with the results (again, I was a size 12 at my smallest). However, one more I wasn’t do bothered when the weight went on again.

I realise I’m super-lucky. At my largest, when I was a 16/18, I felt sexy. I was single & dating a lot, and had no trouble finding men to date. It was only in my mid-20s when I lost that 25lbs, that I LOST confidence in my body.

I have no idea how I managed to not be affected by the weight-loss messages I was subjected to at school and from my sister & mother. I guess it helps that I have never looked up to my mum as a role model (and still don’t). I love my mum, but she’s not someone I want to emulate.

I feel a bit like a fake when I follow people like Go Kaleo and just can’t relate at all to a lifetime of dieting & hating my body. I know I’m lucky – I’m not crowing (I swear!). If only more girls could grow up as I did – not necessarily confident in themselves, but just really not giving a flying fuck what people think.

* Save for a tendency, in the past, to just not eat if I didn’t have anything I wanted in the house. But I’m over that now – nowadays if I don’t fancy what I have in, I just drink milk and/or a protein shake.



i received an anonymous e-mail this morning that said basically all the stupidest stuff someone can say when talking about plus size clothing and fat people. an excerpt (and the main point- the beginning was about how this blog is funny, ‘but…’ and contained a lot of depressing stuff about their…

when people concern troll about fat peoples’ health, why is mental health not a factor? how does making someone feel shitty, embarrassed, and subhuman make them ‘healthier’ or make them want to be ‘healthier’ (and this is accepting the premise that being fat is unhealthy and being thin is healthy, which is a common fallacy and a premise i don’t actually accept)? 


Seriously, fat acceptance and learning to love myself have done FAR MORE for my health than losing weight has done (for the small amount of weight I’ve lost in the last 4 years) or would do.

wtf, plus size clothing manufacturers?: ah, my first concern troll e-mail



Thin privilege is being taken seriously and being considered to be more honest.

(Mod note: Thin folks, think this is an overstatement? Try being a fat person and talk about how fat people can be fit, or eat the same as a thin person. To contrast, thin people talk about how they eat ‘like fat…

To contrast, thin people talk about how they eat ‘like fat people’ all the time (check out the Twitter tag #fatgirlprobs if you don’t believe me) without batting an ironic lash, and are accepted and often cheered on.”

This, so much this. I follow a lot of fitblr type people, and I see this all the time. Of course, everyone is entitled to eat as they damn well please – fit, fat or anywhere in between – but let’s not pretend this attitude doesn’t happen. 

N.B. I’ve noticed a few people who’ve followed me have posted fatphobic / “fat people eat crap all the time” type posts, and I’m afraid I’ve unfollowed right away. I don’t need to read that stuff – presumably you don’t need to read my posts either. 

This is Thin Privilege: Honestly



I just want my body to reflect my work ethic

that feel though : (
basically the only reason I would like to lean out is because i feel that despite all the time, sweat, and work i put into the gym, my body is no reflection of the strength gains and progress i have made in the gym. Vain or not, i want my body to reflect that hard work and commitment. and i will have that. 

I feel torn on this myself.

On the one hand, I don’t look like someone who lifts heavy 3-4 times a week. On the other hand, I’m proud to be a larger person, and I very much identify with the fat acceptance movement.

In fact I’d rather be part of the FA movement than any sort of fitness community, as I find FA just that much more accepting. FA/SA communities are awesome and cool, and I want to be part of that.

My Twitter (@laurabygaslight if you wanna follow) is full of mostly fitness people, fat/fatshion people and foodies. 

Occasionally one of the fitness people will post something disparaging about fat people. Today it was something along the lines of “I’m not a woman hater, but sometimes you have to stand next to the fat girl to make your day go better”. I won’t quote it verbatim because it doesn’t deserve taking up my time to go find it again in my timeline.

The more I see posts like that, the more I want to post a picture of my (fat) self in a bikini and say hey, guess what, this fit person you follow – and allegedly whose fitness journey you’re interested in – is fat too. Would you say that kind of thing directly to me? 

£5 says probably not. Fatphobia really is borne of self-hatred and cowardice.

Good confidence post

So I wore a dress today that gave me a VBO (visible belly outline) and was so tight there was literally nowhere for my bod to hide. And I felt faaaaaaaabulous. 

Lifting heavy isn’t giving me the fitspo-type body that the internet would have you believe everyone gets, but it is giving me more & more confidence to not give a fuck.