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Club competition 2013

Yesterday we had our annual club championship at Bethnal Green WLC. Despite training at BGWLC since April 2009, this was the first time I’d taken part in the club comp. Last year I was recovering from gynaecological surgery, so I refereed; I guess in previous years I must have been away or busy.

I didn’t bother to cut weight for this competition, as we were working a 4:1 relative weight ratio instead of weight classes. So, for every 1kg of weight you carry over your opponents, you’re expected to lift 4kg more.

I weighed in at 72.6kg on the day – i.e. only 600g over competition weight – which I’m really impressed with as I’ve been eating whatever I like since November 23rd and I ate breakfast before weigh-in. When I say “whatever I like”, in the last week or so I’ve eaten 2 Gu-Zillionaire’s Puddings, shared a Domino’s with my boyfriend, got drunk at my departmental Xmas lunch, and eaten chocolate/sweets every day. I must be doing something right-ish despite the astronomical levels of sugar I’m eating.

I’ve also had a horribly stressful week, as my beloved cat has been ill & needed a small operation. I had to take him to the vet on the morning of the competition, which didn’t help my anxiety levels. Happily he seems to be doing OK, despite having to wear a cone.


I did OK in the competition. I came last out of the 4 ladies competing (obviously!) but I got a new squat personal best of 95kg. I had to grind it out, and I remember thinking as I was doing it that I was never going to get it up, but I did. I’m so close to that magic 100kg that I can almost taste it.

On bench I opened at 47.5kg, then failed to get 50kg twice. My bench is abysmal. Oh well.

In the deadlifts, I opened with 115kg, which is my current pb. I was really unsure about opening so high, but I’ve opened at 110kg for too long now & I need to break that habit. 115kg went up OK, although my right-hand grip was touch & go while I was waiting for the ref to give me the signal to put it down. Then I attempted 120kg, got it almost up, but the bar fell from my right hand at lockout. So annoying. I tried 120kg again for my 3rd attempt but barely got it off the ground.

So, another thing to add to my list for 2014 is more grip work. Static bar holds, farmer’s walks with dumbbells etc. My legs have the strength, but my grip & upper back are weak.

For the rest of the year I’m probably going to wind my training down a bit. I won’t be training over the Xmas period as I’ll be away from home for a couple of days, then working at Crisis Christmas in the run-up to new year. I think my body needs the break!


48 hours to go

Argh, I am deep into pre-competition weight worrying hell. Literally all I can think about is my weight. I’m very lucky that I’m not strongly inclined towards ED-type thoughts and behaviours, otherwise this would be an even worse time (and it’s bad enough as it is!)

Normally by this point pre-comp I’m safely under 72kg, but this week I’ve been all over the place. Last weekend I was under; then early this week I was up as high as 73.2kg, which was frightening*. Yesterday I was 72kg on the nose, and today I was 71.7kg again. 

So, I’m OK for now, but I can’t get complacent.  If I don’t make weight, I won’t be allowed to lift, so I have to make weight.

Lunch today is going to be a tuna salad, and dinner will be lamb steaks with roast mini potatoes and spinach. Tomorrow I’ll have a light lunch & then dinner in the hotel I’m staying in (assuming we get there before 8pm – otherwise I’ll have to eat in the car!).

I’m going to weigh-in at 8am to give myself plenty of time to eat breakfast. 

I have a packet of orange Halloween Oreos to eat after weigh-in 🙂

* Relatively.

I don’t want to sound obnoxious, but I think I’m really really lucky that I’ve never suffered from any form of disordered eating*. My family have always been larger, and I grew up with my mum & sister dieting all the time, but I just didn’t apply those thoughts to myself (despite being on the larger side). My sister used to tell me I was fat, and I just thought she was being horrible & ignored her.

I went to an all-girls school where many of the girls had anorexia or other EDs, and I just felt pity for them. Personally, I wasn’t into boys or fashion, so I didn’t really care that I was a size 14 (which was HUGE compared to my classmates). I did feel proud to have big boobs, though!

When I was 18 and had just finished my A-levels, I went to a mixed party and one of the boys called me a heifer to my face. I was upset, but my reaction was to thank $deity that school was over and I’d be at college & away from these people very soon.

At university I lost a lot of weight due to not eating much (the canteen food was horrible) and I enjoyed being relatively skinny (I was a small size 12 at my lightest) but I wasn’t so bothered when the weight went back on again.

In my 20s I lost about 25lbs in a year by dieting, which made me miserable, but I was quite pleased with the results (again, I was a size 12 at my smallest). However, one more I wasn’t do bothered when the weight went on again.

I realise I’m super-lucky. At my largest, when I was a 16/18, I felt sexy. I was single & dating a lot, and had no trouble finding men to date. It was only in my mid-20s when I lost that 25lbs, that I LOST confidence in my body.

I have no idea how I managed to not be affected by the weight-loss messages I was subjected to at school and from my sister & mother. I guess it helps that I have never looked up to my mum as a role model (and still don’t). I love my mum, but she’s not someone I want to emulate.

I feel a bit like a fake when I follow people like Go Kaleo and just can’t relate at all to a lifetime of dieting & hating my body. I know I’m lucky – I’m not crowing (I swear!). If only more girls could grow up as I did – not necessarily confident in themselves, but just really not giving a flying fuck what people think.

* Save for a tendency, in the past, to just not eat if I didn’t have anything I wanted in the house. But I’m over that now – nowadays if I don’t fancy what I have in, I just drink milk and/or a protein shake.